Grassy not Gassy……

We get to see more of this wonderful soccer field here at Mayfair Park, and well put it to good use. Wake up the neighbors with the tappers that are outside barking incessantly while we workout and their owner just lights up a square or two and enjoys the view of the yahoos (us) working out in his backyard!

The only drawback is that our clothes really reek after the soccer field moisture on our clothes. I’ll blame the Chinese food area Weber found on the field last time…..

From start to finish No Rucks for this one!

  • Run 50m
  • 50 x burpees
  • Run 50m
  • 50 x Hindu push ups
  • Run 50m
  • 50 x alt lunges
  • Run 50m
  • 50m bear crawl
  • Run 50m
  • 50m squat jumps
  • Run 50m

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