Blocked, but not out

As the temps have gotten a tad warmer say 20F to 38F (yes, that’s a jump) shedding of heavier clothing items and / or less clothing to wear is a break from the norm. It also means a brighter morning workout due to the start of Daylight Savings Time.

DST as it’s termed is this – Spring time jump one hour forward on your click so less sleep. Fall jump one hour back so you get an hour more of sleep.

Notice I did not say more time for work. Sleep is the issue. So plan your work times around such a break in your day. Rest periods are available to you so take them. Whether or not you nap just rest often. Keep a period of constant rest in your schedule to recharge and help you out.

Rest/Work ratio in practice is harder than planning it. It’s always a habit forming event for you so take the time to initiate the beginning of a lifestyle habit.

Along the line of habit forming acts there is a particular one that I struggle with and it’s simple in nature once you read this paragraph. It’s writing. Yes, re read this paragraph and maybe it makes sense to some about a writers block. No, I am not comparing myself to book writers they’re a breed of their own. However there are times when I have the urge to write my thoughts down and fall terribly short of it.

What helps me take this bull by the horns is coffee, no other humans around and coffee house classics or even Americana on the speakers. It’s also enjoyable with a cigar and sunshine since it makes me feel good.

Subject matter always falls on the particular of exercise, well being, mental health, nutrition and such. Then getting other titles to add to my repertoire helps when I’m writing about cooking. Yeah, cooking! I’ll have to make time to just dedicate a page on this blog of mine to post a few of my favorite recipes.

Writing has become a way to direct energy into action and mental prowess to make what I write come to fruition. There are times when you wish for something to appear and manifest itself without much ado. However the energy it must have to manifest itself from a desire, to action and finally end up with the final product must not skip the act of writing down the steps to help you visualize the progress, and hiccups that may happen.

Every plan must have alternate plans the meld well to progress. Plan A fails? Go plan B, C…. get it? Write down the steps to success. There will be Blocks and how you overcome these blocks is what the end product will more rewarding knowing that you had a vision, wrote down the plan, executed the plan and made adjustments accordingly.

Now, a successful plan really is a haphazard line going upwards and never a straight line at all. Just the ability to keep moving and reassessing when necessary.

Writing on subjects as stated above is not any different and I give a shout out to all of those authors that have made a commitment to their trade by continuing to make progress and have entertaining subjects to write about.

Those of you struggling keep moving forward. I’ll plan more rest times myself to make thinking and focusing much easier and be able to pen more often.

I’ll leave you with some of this –

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