One cold dry morning

Baby, it’s cold outside! No songs were sung nor tune played for our pleasure this morning. Out the front door into the fray with a temperature of 22F.

Good thing there isn’t a wind chill or we’d be popsicles right from the get go. We’re going to be at Roos Athletics Field for this week.

Come and join us, so we can help you get you back in gear.


⁃ jumping jacks x 40

– leg/arm swings x 20/ea

⁃ Trunk twists/ Torso bends x 20 ea

WOD – ruck 10/20# dry

  • 400m ruck
    • 50 x walking lunges
    • 20 x burpees w/ruck
    • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
    • 20 x dive bombers/ Hindu push ups
    • 50 x step ups w/ruck
    • 20 x goblet squats
  • 400m ruck
  • Quick, but deadly

    Just described what you’ll feel like once you complete this very quick, low rep workout. Just remember to breath it all in.

    Focus today on your ability to not red-line, or burn yourself out on the first running loop. It’ll benefit you to be fast, but steady.

    Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

    • 30 x burpees
    • 30 x bj
    • 30 x dips
    • 30 x leg levers
    • 30 x mb sit ups
    • 30 x mb cleans
    • 30 x mb ball slams

    Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

    Grassy not Gassy……

    We get to see more of this wonderful soccer field here at Mayfair Park, and well put it to good use. Wake up the neighbors with the tappers that are outside barking incessantly while we workout and their owner just lights up a square or two and enjoys the view of the yahoos (us) working out in his backyard!

    The only drawback is that our clothes really reek after the soccer field moisture on our clothes. I’ll blame the Chinese food area Weber found on the field last time…..

    From start to finish No Rucks for this one!

    • Run 50m
    • 50 x burpees
    • Run 50m
    • 50 x Hindu push ups
    • Run 50m
    • 50 x alt lunges
    • Run 50m
    • 50m bear crawl
    • Run 50m
    • 50m squat jumps
    • Run 50m

    Oh, I’ve got a feeling

    Let’s start the week with something bland, easy to do so you can say you did something and call it a day okay?

    Bwahahahaha, ya! Right! Get rucked up and make sure you have the weight set accordingly. Strap in on and get your running shoes on. A one mile run for time followed by two EMOM’s for 5min each.

    Get used to your ruck kiddos because it’s going to be an integral part of your training this week!

    Rucks On! 10/20# dry

    Run 1 mile with ruck

    • 3 min rest

    A) With rucks


    • 10 x squats
    • 5 x push ups

    Rest 1

    B) With rucks


    • 8 x burpees

    Rest 1

    • 2 x hill runs

    Humpday / Ruck day

    Today went as planned only if you were sitting at home just reading the website and thinking to yourself the same thing I was when the WOD started. This is gonna be a grinder of a workout.

    First mile I had a pleasant convo with Lindsey from running shoes, to tech in shoes to her biz as a Doula in her company Chicago Birth Boutique. Pace was about 3.6 mph and we went into our WOD ready to knock out the reps on today’s WOD (180613). Everything was performed with rucks except the burpees (thank God). Too much gravel and slipping makes for a longer and more suffering event, and we used the rucks for everything in the WOD thereafter.

    Suffering on many levels for everyone involved. Weber setting the pace, then Selene, Lindsey, Gil, and I with a quick turnover from exercise to exercise. Burpees, goblet squats, sit-up and press, step ups, flutter kicks, and finish with the one mile ruck at the end. Ok, I did not have a quick turnover on anything today. (There I said it)

    I’ve personally not run with 50lb ruck in a very long time, and today I ran the half mile back. On the tail end it felt like my lungs were ready to explode. Legs, hips, and abs felt great. Just not looking to run with that weight anytime soon.

    Times differed greatly, as did the weights we used on the rucks. I weighed my ruck when I got home, and something told me to check. Dry weight is 50lb, bag, and supplies took it to 58lb. Water, gels, med/trauma kit (always), light jacket, and other supplies brought the weight higher.

    I’m a big proponent of getting healthier while doing things the rest of the world seems horrible, hard, and unthinkable. Why? Why not? This life is not easy, nor will it ever be easy. It’ll knick you and bleed you, knock you on your ass and stomp on you if you let it.

    Getting up, and deciding to move forward and not quitting is what defines you , emboldens an individual which in turn causes you to carry yourself with a higher sense of purpose, and confidence that the rest of the world is greatly lacking.

    I don’t coddle anyone, anytime. I’ll give you support, and I’ll challenge you all the while making sure you don’t quit on yourself. You may be the last one, or like me I’ll bring in the rear at times, but I WILL NOT QUIT! We do it #RuFF style. The RuFF crew knows when to put the head down and grind it out.

    Will post a video on YouTube later with some of the ugly that was today’s WOD!

    Hope to see you here soon. Come join this band of go getters. You’ll never be the same, promise.

    Mi A Gi