Ruck, ruck, ruck, ruck steady!

Ruck steady, Roll easy! Mantra for today since we’re going to be performing all of the work with the rucks for the entire time! You’re going to find the we’re at Roos Recreational Field and the run path is easy.

Your ruck dry weight again is at 10/20# dry. Not including bag weight, water, nutrition, electrolytes…… you’ll be fine, just gut it out!

Every run you do will be a cause to pause and catch your breath. Try your hardest not to stop during your runs, just find a rhythm you can maintain.

The dips will be on the parallel bars, or benches, or box jump area.

Pull ups, need I say more? Inverted rows with rucks as an alternative.

Air squats and ruck on your back, hips below horizontal not equal or above knee height!

Perform your sit ups with the ruck on your hands, and at the top of the movement proceed to press ruck above your head to finish movement and go back to starting position.

R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD

5 RFT – Rucks -10/20# dry

  • Run 100m
  • 5 x dips
  • 7 x pull ups
  • 9 x squats
  • 12 x sit up and press
  • Wear your RED!
  • We Honor You!
  • Magister Nosce!
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