It’s a twisty thing

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Well, that jingle made its way into my subconscious recently while trying to find a direction for writing. Not where to, but where from. Make any sense?

Let me elaborate. Family happens. Life happens. Tragedy, celebration, death, birth, and the glorious stuff in between we call Life. Not a single person alive escapes unscathed. Some have scars that we see, while others have scars we can not.

Why scars? They tell a story. A profound story that at times needs to be shared. Some stories are long for a single scar is deep, while others are short both in length and depth. Each one tale may be cleansing, and only when told will the teller be released to heal if healing is needed. Other times it is just something that needs to be shared to impart wisdom. Sages, all of us are.

These past couple of years loss has hit everyone on so many levels, and some very close to home. Losses of friends, family, and pets. Some relationships develop and become fruitful while others just are ugh. Growth, pain, and breath. We do that every single day.

Where ever you find yourself with a scar showing, or hiding try to isolate it. Focus energy on it only so far as to give it a voice. If a voice is needed, language is to follow. Speak its language for you to accept, heal, grieve, celebrate, and let the scar be a badge. One you can carry knowing you have grown past it and made you stronger.

Not withstanding the pain of loss, but acknowledging that healing must take place in order to be able to move forward and become whole once more. Time is on your side if you let it help you. On the sidelines you’d be pleasantly surprised that you have help. From family, friends, and professionals to assist you.

Heal up. Life is never a straight line, it’s a twisty thing. You never know what’s at the end, or in the pathway as you trudge forward.

Here’s to Healing. Living. Loving.

This picture on the website shows a fallen Sequoia Tree. Laying on the ground it is still around 10 feet from the ground to the top of the root system you see here. I fell in love with this root of the tree because it’s gnarly, and it withstood eons of weather changes and challenges before it finally gave. Located within the Yosemite NP system, I walked into this Forest of Sequoias and my neck hurt looking up as I walked a mile down this trail when I found this log across the ground. I was impressed by its sheer size, and depth.

It made me realize that it had to grow both in diameter and depth to withstand what the Yosemite weather throws at it. Snow, ice, wind, fires, water…. You name it, it took it!

I have this picture of it I share with you now, and remind me and hopefully you that we must keep growing to withstand Life. You will make someone be in awe on day, so grow.

Until next time, and hopefully you join me on my fitness adventure if you decide to try some of the exercise routines you find on this blog I’d love you to join in and see how you fare.

Sequoia Tree Root, Yosemite NP 2016

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