Benched again!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a run to benches workout. So, today we’re heading forward to the benches in a group run. It’s dark, damp, and chilly. However not chilly enough to wear long pants so sweaty is what we’re going to be.

Ab strength is important for balance, power, and stability. Every single day you’re either pulling, pushing, or pressing as a human being. Groceries, kids, driving, stocking, mechanical work. You name it the core is critical for those daily functions.

Let’s not overlook the benefits of the core strength in athletic endeavors like running, jumping, rowing, weightlifting. All of these movements require more strength of the core to acquire speed, stability, dynamic explosive power to achieve your goals and not get hurt.

So, today we find ourselves at the Hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL

1200m group run to benches

  • 40 x flutter kicks
  • 50 x mountain climbers
  • 40 x squats
  • 50 x step ups
  • 40 x bench dips
  • 50 x reverse lunges

1200m group run to hill

Bday cookie for Gunner

Well my AmStaff turned 5 on the 20th of this month. So I wasn’t able to grab a bday treat for him that day.

I waited until Saturday the 22nd to take him on a 4.5 mile walk to have him enjoy it. We walked a new route which for him he lives for. New scenery and smells. Of course we can’t overlook the looks of people they give my beautiful pup every time we walk the streets.

Some are pretty cool especially the kids. They truly gravitate towards him and in turn he loves the kids attention. The adults are the ones that amaze me the most. They’d go out of their way to cross the street to avoid walking past us.

I don’t really care about some humans really. My pup is a good dog ever since I rescued him, and brought him home I’ve worked with him to being socialized with humans and other animals. He loves kids and wants nothing more than to play all day until he drops.

This is my pup Gunner and he is a smart loving dog.

Happy Birthday kiddo! Here is to many more like it!

Strengthening the hips

Leg and hip strength is very important as you get older. Watch people and their posture long enough you begin to see some form of rounded back with loss of lumbar curve! That folks is what people end to look like a darned candy cane!

I like candy canes as a treat not as a human being who really has a choice to change for the better. Sitting causes so many derangement to the mechanical form of the body if you let it!

Make the decision to stop deformity, and get on board to getting stronger!

Today we’re fixing that derangement at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

Soccer field x 2 laps

• 50yd Lunge walks

• 50 x leg levers

• 50 x alt lunges

• 50 x long jumps

• 50 x push ups

• 50 x mountain climbers/ leg

• 50 x superman

• 50yd Lunge walks

Soccer field x 2 laps

Vest, but no bow tie

I like having to pick up odd objects from the floor while standing over them, and it is by far much easier when you’re lifting it up to any height in that manner.

I really enjoy how I feel having successfully lifted something odd and heavy in that manner. Then there is having to lift the odd object from the ground while supine, and the object is a sandbag. Oh man, it gets serious very quickly.

You’re having to perform abdominal contraction, trunk rotation, and flexion, and standing up with odd object to boot. Did I forget to mention that you must also return to the starting position to compete the rep? Ha! One!

Today we’re doing such a thing, and it’s the first exercise we open our workout in! Oh, I completely forgot to tell you to wear the 10/15/20# vest also. Silly me.

Today we’re at Roos Recreational Field, Forest Park, IL

Vests On!

• 10 x sb get ups

• 20 x bj

• 30 x cossacks

• 20 x k2c

• 30 x push ups

• 40 x alt lunges

• 30 x dips

• 20 x k2e

• 30 x hello dolly

Note –

You will be running from a dips, to steps, to pull up bars so bring an extra pair of lungs today! 😉

Nothing like a day at the beach, sort of

We’ve been having fun working on sand a few times a week recently, and today we’re having sand to shake off, and spit out after our workout today. You will need your ruck for this workout at the vb court.

Okay, who doesn’t like a shock absorbing ground when you facial due to fatigue!? 🙋🏽‍♂️

Today we’re @Mayfair Park

Rucks On!

• 60 ft bear crawl

• 60 ft crab walk

• 30 x pp

• 30 x burpee swing

• 60 ft gorillas

• 60 ft inch worms

• 30 x shoulder to shoulder

• 30 x flutter kicks / leg

• 1 x lap track

Take hike, not a stroll

Spent Friday and Saturday of last week basically mentally getting stronger as we tackled the R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD ‘Seven by seven’, then immediately Saturday morning tackling a coupon ruck ‘RuFF Ruck Club‘ inaugural event.

Ever have a moment in life where you didn’t have enough hands to help you do tasks? That day we needed extra hands to swat them mosquitoes from us! Short of having to get an infusion of red blood cells from almost being sucked dry that day, the body was good to go!

I’ll stock up on Deet for the next hike in the woods which happens to be today!

We’re at The Hill for this – semi-recovery run interval workout

• 5 x hill intervals

With increasing speed complete 5 intervals*

• 4 x hill

With increasing speed complete 4 intervals

• 3 x hills

With increasing speed complete 3 intervals

• 2 x hills

With increasing speed complete 2 intervals

• 1 x hills

With increasing speed complete 1 intervals

Rest –

• Set 1 after 5 int = 2:00

• Set 2 after 4 int = 1:30

• Set 3 after 3 int = 1:00

• Set 4 after 2 int = :30

Focus –

  1. Keep working on arm and leg cadence syncing
  2. Faster leg turnover each set
  3. Pacing of the fives to get you warmed up is important
  4. Listen to your breath – nasal breathing should be primary breathing pattern
  5. Try not to burn yourself out early