Never too cold to run

As I say this, the thermostat is at 30F, and balmy. Some people still consider it shorts weather. I used to be in that category when I was *cough younger *cough, but I see the light and wear the appropriate three layers to stave off the chill.

Layer one, hair. Layer two, wool. Layer three, shell. See, I am a veteran athlete that doesn’t shy away from the cold, but my digits don’t like it since I had a few episodes of frost nip in my twenties. Fingers get pretty cold, and only moving fast will I be able to stay warm and retain warmth. Heck, my water bottle froze during a 5k while in my late 30’s and I wasn’t the worst for wear.

Since it’s balmy outside let’s get this workout done, no!? Today we’re at the Hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL.

For time and a medicine ball (mb) 20/14#

  • 50 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 50 x mb lunges
  • 200m run
    • 25 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 25 x cousins
  • 200m run
    • 50 x leg levers
    • 50 x butt biters
  • 400m run
  • Booo! Halloween & Humpday WOD

    You can wear what ever costume you want today, if you’re into that. However you do need to wear a ruck for the workout since it is a pre-requisite for today.

    Although you will burn over 1🎃🎃calories on this workout it does not give you permission to eat like crap though. It’s the start of the comfort foods time of the year, and I agree it will be fantastic and delicious when you indulge.

    You hold the key though to mitigate the sleepyhead feeling from too much turkey, the sugar high from the pies, candy apples, candied yams, and all of the deserts that are passed around or bought frequently so that everyone can share. Go ahead and eat it, however you should not put yourself in a position to derail everything you’ve worked for at this time of year.

    Guilt is a motivator for some, yet it is unhealthy. It makes some people resentful, and bitter for letting go and over indulging. Avoid the guilt, and enjoy with family and friends what is special about being together and sharing good food. Portion size is an individual measurement, and should be sought after with guided assistance by a nutritionist, dietitian and those around you that can help you monitor what, and how much you stuff your face with.

    Happy 🎃 Halloween! Boo!

    Rucks On!

    1 mile ruck (run)

    • 40 x swings
    • 50 x step ups
    • 40 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 50 x sit ups
    • 40 x goblet squats
    • 50 x OH lunges
    • 40 x wall ball

    1 mile ruck (run)

    Never forget

    We as a nation rally around a few things corporally like Sports teams, Bands, and Holidays. What amazes me is the love we have for those that serve and have served in the service of our country.

    Selfless in their decision to sacrifice so much, and at times give their all. Every Friday we Honor individually the Hero who’s given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

    We wear our RED shirts (Remember Everyone Deployed). We wear it with pride, and get our WOD on knowing who we are sweating for, and especially Why we do it.

    Today we find ourselves at the Hill in Westchester woods.

    RED Friday- Hero WOD

    5 rounds with rucks

    • 10 x ruck thrusters
    • 20 x mb wb
    • 40 x kb cleans

    Wear your R.E.D.

    Timed 5k with some extra sauce

    Wear your rucks kids! It’s a 5k ruck fest time trial!

    So, to make sure you’re ready to go we have to make sure you are mentally prepared, so listening to hard rock when you’re driving into our meeting location is acceptable! Listening to cool Jazz, would flatten your chances to even get a mile in with a fast click.

    Once we finish the 5k TT, we begin to do some extra work! That is the fest portion of this day.

    • 5k Ruck Time Trial

    Rest 2 min – Then

    • 30 x wb
    • 30 x mb sit and press
    • 30 x leg levers

    No snow, still you’re sled will go

    Breaking out a sled for today!

    Man, I’m excited to pull this tool out just as summer is coming to an end. No, not a party pooper however it will give you an insight to what the fall and winter WOD’s will have as a tool for you to use.

    Yes, this brings another level of Fun (torture to some) for all to enjoy. Having said that here we’ll be able to eek out some pretty decent evaluations as to how your hips are doing. What? You see there are times we don’t notice that one leg / hip is kipping or being used more than the other and the energy expenditure is higher so you end up a bit lopsided because of it.

    Although you’re working out, I’ll be checking you out while you do the sled pull for that allotted distance so we’ll have a dual function with a good tool.

    Rucks – 15/20# dry

    3 rounds

    • 50 x kb swings
    • 1 x hill climb

    Ruck run 400m

    • Sled drag 200m (50/90#)
    • 20 x mb sit ups (no ruck)
    • 20 x wb
    • Details –
      Russian kb swings (12/16/20/24 kg)
      Hill climb – no run
      Sled has strap to be used around hips to display pulling force (see above)
      Mb sit up – lying down with ball above head while on floor- sit up with mb on chest and toss against wall and return to starting position
      Wall ball (wb) – ball just below chin, looking at 9’/10′ target – Squat, and dynamically stand-up while extending both arms throwing ball to target and returning to Squat position once ball has been caught from the descend of the throw


    All exercises to be performed while wearing your ruck.

    Magister Nosce!