I shake my head…

When the heat gets to you during the workouts you slow down just enough to keep feet moving forward. Head down looking up once in a while wearing your weighted ruck/vest, or nothing at all.

Humidity is the death nail. It sucks the living breath out of you. I don’t know why that would even be an issue. Yet, sucking air through a wet towel may be easier. I just don’t get it. Do you? Heck, treading water while running with load on your back is what makes this event more entertaining.

Not for you doing it (unless you laugh and lose some sense of sanity), but more from the onlookers scratching their heads as they drive by and shake their heads while smoking their vapes/cigs or sipping on their froufrou drinks.

Heck there are times I have to check my sanity as I program the workouts way ahead of time and visualize them being performed and have time after time shake my head and asked – dude you’re gonna do this to them? I’ll bob my head and reply thinking I’ll do this with them and try my hardest to push even harder, and faster to finish wiped out every time.

Give it your all every time. No slack given, no slack taken. I understand getting after these workouts can be daunting for the uninitiated. There will be a scaled version for them every workout. However, scaling after you’ve been here for a month and not taken the step forward to do something as prescribed (Rx) means you’re gonna get motivated to give a little more, and get more ‘suck’ out of the workout (wod).

I began this rucking/fitness outdoors endeavor in April of this year. My own business, making a difference in people’s lives one day at a time utilizing BodyWeight, kettlebells, hills, benches, stairs, rucks, and everything else to make you a better human being.

Here’s to making you a stronger, healthier being. Hop down for an hour in the am with us at the RuFF Hill. Great workouts, very entertaining, challenging and you’ll see results.

You want to see results? Show up, learn, do the work. Simple? Nope. Doable? Yup. Nutrition needs to be priority so get on it. Everything else will follow.

Hope to see you with us soon.

Here looking at my hat you can clearly see it’s darker on top than the bill since I’ve sweat so much during the wod.

I had just put away all of the gear and still so out of breath I had to pause and try to catch some more air. Of course, Selene just basically looks the same from start to finish. Eric and I definitely look like we feel.

Wet, humid, and sweaty

Wait, you mean we have to run up there before we do the push ups and squats? (‘Nene)

Yes, she was working late and was not hydrated enough for today’s workout. It entailed running up and down the 10 times with a set of five (5) push ups and squats both at the top and bottom of each lap.

Yes sir it was a hoot just getting to the hill walking through ankle deep mud, standing water and field grass chest high. Oh I forgot we also had to do this with a vest (20/15#) respectfully.

I for one enjoyed getting my butt handed to me in this manner since mud will always make me feel much cooler and the dew in the foliage was welcomed. Push ups were ok, not fast just steady.

Looking over at ‘Nene she was having none of it. Had I said anything other than keep it up, or looking good my head would have been cleanly pulled off of my shoulders. Did I mention she was very tired and dehydrated? Yeah, just slightly.

Yet, as we finished the WOD in memory of a friend I gave Thanks.

For you brother

MSG Emigdio Elizarraras

7SFG / 3BT

KIA -020228