Skillz in foot work

Spent this Sunday programming, eating, and running errands while also sitting and watching runners reach their goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon 2018! Testament of mental and physical endurance. Well done finishers! They put in he work to run that distance and they persevered.

Along those lines I was also really blown away by the efficiency of the elite runners in a sub 2:10:0.0 finishing time for the marathon. Holy cow! Yes, they worked their butts off year round to maintain that Skillset of power, endurance, mental focus for the entire time running, not jogging but truly running very fast!

Skillset must be trained, not a hit in the dark if you want to truly succeed. You must put in the work of leg speed, turnover and strengthening the muscles that maintain your body whilst you go fast or faster during the training periods and tapering periods of the training schedule you maintain.

Hence there is the racing schedule you must take into account also. There is a lot going on in he realm of injury prevention, nutrition and improving time(s) during the races. Everyone wants to be on the podium, don’t lie or deny it. I know I do, but reality sinks in extremely fast when you look at your training log and notice the lack of time spent putting in the work to acquire, and hone such skill to even consider being close enough to finish fast, or faster than the last race you ran.

This week there will be plenty of running, but today we’ll work not on speed, but on foot landing, followed by a pull, and a pose. Technique takes time to learn, and it should be practiced very often to get the connective tissue stronger especially if you’re not strong enough for a lot of endurance foot work. Injury prevention is job one.

Today we’re at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

Soccer field x 1 lap

  1. Slow run x 100m
  2. High knees x 100m
  3. Med run x 100m
  4. Heels to butt x 100m
  5. Fast run x 100m
  6. Soccer field x 1
  • 20 x leg levers
  • 20 x superman
  • 100 x mountain climbers
  • 50m bear crawl
  • 50m crab walk
  • 50m lunges

Strengthening the hips

Leg and hip strength is very important as you get older. Watch people and their posture long enough you begin to see some form of rounded back with loss of lumbar curve! That folks is what people end to look like a darned candy cane!

I like candy canes as a treat not as a human being who really has a choice to change for the better. Sitting causes so many derangement to the mechanical form of the body if you let it!

Make the decision to stop deformity, and get on board to getting stronger!

Today we’re fixing that derangement at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

Soccer field x 2 laps

• 50yd Lunge walks

• 50 x leg levers

• 50 x alt lunges

• 50 x long jumps

• 50 x push ups

• 50 x mountain climbers/ leg

• 50 x superman

• 50yd Lunge walks

Soccer field x 2 laps

Man your sweaty stations!

Every single time I tell people to man their stations the tendency is to look as lost as possible as if I’d asked them to look for the corner in a square room! It never fails, that after description of exercises, movement standards, and walk through I would often ask the crew do you have any questions?

All would shake their collective heads and reply No. once the proverbial 3,2,1- Go is announced they start with the questions! Okay, what gives?!

This day you’re in the volleyball court at Mayfair Park so make sure you bring change of socks, and shoes.

5 rounds

Stations – @vb court

1)kb, 2)bw, 3)mb, 4)bw

1. 10 x kb snatches

Run to next station

2. 10 x Superman’s

Lunge walk

3. 10 x mb sit ups

Bear crawl

4. 10 x push ups

Crab walk

Dive bomber it’s not

This upper body movement we’ll be kicking off our week with is none other than a Hindu push up. It resembles similar exercise called the dive bomber.

On the video here shows the Hindu push up first then immediately goes into the Dive bomber. Pay close attention to the arms on both movements.

You’ll need your rucks for this workout. Weigh it dry without water and make sure it’s 15(W)/20(M) lb

Today at the Hill

Ruck -15/20 lb

600m ruck (benches)

  • 50 x Hindu push ups (no ruck)

600m ruck (hill)

  • 50 x step ups
  • 50 x ruck thrusters

400m kb carry w/ruck

  • 50 x superman (no ruck)
  • 100 x flutter kicks

Just humid

Early Monday morning run and WOD was easy on the way out to our designated area around .8 miles out. There were plenty of benches in the shade with muddy field surrounding our area. I guess selecting the clean benches was a mistake for Selene, and Eric due to them being bitten by the mosquitos.

I fared better with a disgusting bench, yet we all had the same look when we started the Bulgarian split squats. They’re hard especially immediately after a run. Lots of under the breath remarks …… you know who you are. Lol, it is hard not to stop and laugh sometimes. Tight muscles were Not an issue this morning, it was the heat, and humidity.

I wanted to go and blitz through it, then after the split squats my body just laid it on me with a faucet of sweat all at once. It was like something inside said let’s wait until he wants to speed up and let it go. ‘Nene, and Eric decided to do their Superman’s and v-up sit ups in top of the benches so the mosquitoes had their meal then. I don’t mind the mud it actually cooled me off fairly well prior to the run back. No mosquitoes wanted a piece of me at all. I felt a left out. Not!

Taking my time is not an option on exercises, and yet fatigue set in at the sit ups. It’s amazing how fast I think I’m going only to find myself also feeling like I’m spinning my wheels not moving at all. The run back was plenty of stop and go since we tried to keep no more than 20yd distance between each runner so either we slowed down enough or stopped to keep each other together until the finish.

How I enjoy early morning runs, and/or workouts. It makes my day so much easier to deal with, and a dash of mental focus not found with coffee alone. The benefits of mental and physical stress relief and control is paramount for the population. How does working out help you? What time of day works best for you?

Hope to see you here soon.