Not a beach day

Running around in the cold, getting sand all over you it would be great if it had anything to do with enjoying the waterfront at the beach, or a warm day at the beach lounging. Nope, not in my line of work. Today at Mayfair Park we’re starting out with a sandbag 400m run. You can hold it anyway you like, as long as it doesn’t touch the floor.

Ideally you’ll be running, but you can walk it if need be. It’s cool, you have the meat and potatoes coming right up after the run anyways, so enjoy the fast pace of things to come. Hopefully you’ll get this done fairly quick since it’s warmer today than the past few mornings that were around 24dg.

For time:

  • 1 x lap track (400m) w/sb
    • 10 x sb thrusters
    • 10 x kb snatches/ arm
    • 20 x cossaks
    • 20 x sb cl & j
    • 30 x kb renegade-rows
    • 30 x alt sb lunges
    • 20 x sb burpee

    Gonna be dragged

    I was wondering how many people can take it one step higher by adding a little more suck to their workouts. How? Drag something, anything with or without a sled, and I guarantee that it will be a different type of suck.

    Today it’s gonna be our turn to add such a suck to our workout. We’ve used the sled once before on cement, and today we’re going to use it on a soccer field. This is going to be so much fun!

    Today we’re at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

    Sb (44/50), mb (14/20) sled (53/35)

    – 1 x soccer field

    • 20 x sb cleans
    • 100m sled drag
    • 100m run
    • 30 x cousins mb
    • 30 x mb burpees

    – 1 x soccer field w/sb

    • 100m sled drag
    • 50 x flutter kicks (sb)
    • 50 yd lunges
    • 50 yd bear crawl


    Using alternative methods of weights that are odd objects to begin with you learn very quickly to appreciate straight lines of bars, and handles where your weakness isn’t challenged to develop at all.

    Don’t get me wrong here. As you develop strength you can overlook the weakness of a limb, or part of your body that is not as strong on a movement when your working on barbells that you can expose while your work on dumbbell, kettlebells, or odd objects.

    They force a less developed limb, or core muscle group to work harder so it can become an equally powerful extension of the body than just a hidden, and not noticeable weakness. Machines have a tendency to not develop such a weakness. Free weights, odd objects all will become a source to strength and balance.

    Developing the entire system for total power, and balance it is important to realize that you are always growing. Finding the weakness in your system can help to develop a way of strengthening your body while developing that said appendage, or link that is under developed so as to not cause you any injury in the future.

    So, with that being said let’s get this on!

    Today at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

    At soccer field

    • 50m run
    • 50 x burpees
    • 50m run
    • 50 x sb shoulder to shoulder
    • 100m sb run
    • 20 x sb man makers
    • 100m sb run
    • 100 x flutter kicks
    • 50m run
    • 50m inch worms