Some tough times so far

Man oh man! These past months have been a bit tough time for the U.S., and internationally. How one gets through some of the toughest times in ones life is not science. It is only by getting into the groove of making oneself resilient, fit, and above all humble.

Humble in the knowledge that God is in control. Whether you believe in God or the Power of the Universe you must have a humble attitude because we really don’t know what we don’t know. Stressing over what you’re hearing and seeing is totally normal. What you must do is not live in Fear. Stressing about anything or everything is not healthy. Go and Learn something new to improve yourself, family, friends and/or your community.

Where as the stress levels have gone up all around us here with the Ruff Crew’s workouts we are doing our bit to help fight-off the stress that causes Hypertension, insomnia, stress/binge eating and other not so subtle effects of depression in times like this. I don’t believe we have had such an event as this since the late 1800’s where every human being is a partner to the dire effects of this Pandemic.

Turn off the TV, News sites, FB, Twtr, and the like to keep you sane. Then once you unplug get out, and Move!!

This is what it looks like in pictures to de-stress, and Motivate others to do the same. Yes, we suffered in Hot, Cool, Humid, Wet, and dry conditions. Why? Because humans like you, and I need relief from stress to center ourselves to be more human, civil, and humble to be able to live longer together in this little blue planet.

Within you have a capacity that is truly untapped. Go outside get some sun, walk, run, bike, swim if you can and learn to enjoy being a human that is capable of movement just because you can. Enjoy that ability to live, laugh, breath, and share experiences to others who need to hear your story of success so that others may not feel like it’s the end! Mental Health at the forefront of everything you do will be a light to yourself then others. Take good care to listen to your inner voice. You WILL believe what you tell yourself. So, be kind to yourself daily. This is NOT your fault. None of it is. You are in control.

Always strive to take one day at a time and smile. It sounds simplistic yet it works by changing your psyche. The old song lyric ‘smile, though your heart is breaking (by Nat King Cole)” rings true. It speaks of your heart breaking due to a break up, lost love. I challenge you to look at it as an over comer. Champion yourself up, and above the buzz and chaos around you. Be the light that others see forging ahead and lead others to it so that they themselves become lights themselves. Be selfless daily. Help yourself, and your fellow humans.


Mi A Gi

Oh, the headache

Getting to the field for the early morning WOD of burpees, jumping jacks and squats (not in order) the chill was just enough for t-shirt, and shorts only wear.

Not often will it feel cold enough for the windbreaker since getting used to freezing temps in April with a windbreaker and one layer underneath.

Once Selene, and I began our warmup I immediately regretted not hydrating enough. Feeling dizzy, and lightheaded didn’t abate until the end of the workout.

Finished with the mobility warm up we started our timers. Personally I wanted to finish as fast as possible, but reality hits hard. In my minds eye I felt as if I was going through fairly fast and fluid. Then reality hit me when I opened my eyes and paid attention to my movement. (Doh!)

Moving more like a fly in molasses than an elite athlete (not that I claim to even be at that level). I was moving more like a geriatric man than a fluid, young athlete. With the ruck weight smashing the back of my head it helped me to keep moving just to finish even faster.

This is where I noticed that my burpees were not going as fast or as well as I usually complete the task. Getting up from the bottom on set two of three I was beginning to do a semi split to jump out of it. Oh, what’s feeling.

Ever have a parent or older brother smack you on the back of the head once to correct you or just harass you? Imagine that smack 60 times with a ruck weighing 30lb.

Selene basically paced herself maybe due in part to watching me do a quirky up dog / down dog for a very long and slow time. I was determined to finish even if I looked like a very drunk Woody from Toy Story.

She could’ve smoked, yet she slowed enough to give me some sort of ego boost. (Ha!). Just kidding, I have no shame. She has gotten much stronger, and way faster in just over a year.

Our post WOD 2 x 800m times runs were ok. Not fast enough to claim any kudos for me, yet I can see her improvement.

Tomorrow is going to be different. No easy day, no slack.

Hope to see you here soon.