Time to freeze!

Well the temps are dropping in October which means break out your winter running gear kids, because it’s going to be a warm workout. You’ll be running the bridge today, and it’s sure to get the blood circulation up and will keep your wheels rolling.

Bring your rucks for this one to give you the little bit of resistance you’ll need to complete the exercises, and reap the benefits.

Rucks On!

Bridge lap x 1

  • 20 x step ups
  • 30 x ruck swings
  • 20 x dips
  • 30 x leg levers
  • Bridge lap x 1
    • 30 x push ups
    • 20 x hello Dolly’s
    • 30 x butt biters
    • 20 x k2c

    Bridge lap x 1


    Love the fact that a ruck can be so versatile, and can go from wooden floor to backs of humans, and hold a variety of items from water bladders, weights, bandaids, shoes, electrolytes, and so much more. What’s in your ruck?

    We’ve been able to move ridiculous amount of weight on, and inside our ruck recently so this should not be a big issue for most. The dry weight is just the empty bag and the required weight to be moved. Adding hydration, keys, and other items will of course bring it the weight, but those items do NOT constitute the dry weight.

    Be willing to be uncomfortable and enjoy the suck. You’ll be working with your ruck on your body the entire time so lock into the inner voice that will get you in gear and not let you quit!

    Rucks On! 10/20# dry

    Run to boulder ~ 1.25 mile


    • 50 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 1 x climb over bench
    • 50 x ruck curls
    • 1 x climb over bench
    • 50 x ruck swings
    • 1 x climb over bench

    Run to Hill

    Ruck’em hard

    The grass, the leaves, the sun, the fresh air… love being outdoors on a day like today. Do you not agree? Maybe not with the skeeters and such. Aside from that the ruck is the least of your problems, trust me.

    Brought to you from The Hill this morning, wear your wonderful ruck.

    Rucks On! 20/30#

    • 2 x hill climb
    • 50 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 2 x hill climb
    • 50 x ruck swing
    • 2 x hill climb
    • 50 x burpee to OH press

    World Cup May be over, but…

    Today at Mayfair Park, Westchester. IL.

    Back to the pitch we go! But, coach I don’t see a net, nor a soccer ball in sight!

    Don’t you worry about those little details, and you’re gonna be just fine I tell ya! Just fine! All you have to remember is that tomorrow is another day which you can look back on today and just say ‘Thank you for not programming it again for consecutive days’.

    Ok, so now I have your full attention don’t I? Good, strap on those rucks kids and hang on to your cookies!

    The – ‘what-the what?!

    Rucks On – 15/20# dry

    Soccer field x 2

    • 50 x push ups
    • 50 x ruck swings
    • 50 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 50 x Russian twists
    • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
    • 50 x OH walking lunges
    • Low crawl ruck push 1/2 soccer field
    • Plank ruck drag 1/2 soccer field

    Soccer field x 2