What the Ruck!

Rucks On! Yeah baby! We’ve molded our bodies the way we want to live. Resilient, tough, strong, enduring…. not abrasive, or weak. We train the way we’d love to see others train, hard, and determined.

Today we meet at Roos Field within FPPD, Forest Park, IL. Ever wonder what it’s like to get a tough workout under your belt, and immediately wonder how you got through it? If you haven’t then it’s about time you join us weekly, or daily to train with us. ( sales pitch). Did it work?

For today we have a special (not really) workout just for you…

Rucks On!20/30#

  • 50 x RDL
  • 100 x lunges
  • 50 x sit ups
  • 100 x step ups
  • 50 x push ups
  • 100 x flutter kicks
  • 50 x mtn climbers / leg