Booo! Halloween & Humpday WOD

You can wear what ever costume you want today, if you’re into that. However you do need to wear a ruck for the workout since it is a pre-requisite for today.

Although you will burn over 1🎃🎃calories on this workout it does not give you permission to eat like crap though. It’s the start of the comfort foods time of the year, and I agree it will be fantastic and delicious when you indulge.

You hold the key though to mitigate the sleepyhead feeling from too much turkey, the sugar high from the pies, candy apples, candied yams, and all of the deserts that are passed around or bought frequently so that everyone can share. Go ahead and eat it, however you should not put yourself in a position to derail everything you’ve worked for at this time of year.

Guilt is a motivator for some, yet it is unhealthy. It makes some people resentful, and bitter for letting go and over indulging. Avoid the guilt, and enjoy with family and friends what is special about being together and sharing good food. Portion size is an individual measurement, and should be sought after with guided assistance by a nutritionist, dietitian and those around you that can help you monitor what, and how much you stuff your face with.

Happy 🎃 Halloween! Boo!

Rucks On!

1 mile ruck (run)

  • 40 x swings
  • 50 x step ups
  • 40 x shoulder to shoulder
  • 50 x sit ups
  • 40 x goblet squats
  • 50 x OH lunges
  • 40 x wall ball

1 mile ruck (run)

Who ran up, and fell down the hill?

Run! Get your arms swinging fast, and get your butt up that hill! You have things to do in between, and get them done correctly and fast!

So, which one do I want you to do? How about all of it correctly? Oh, by the way wear your ruck. The weight should be 20~30# men, 10~20# women.

Rucks On!

Hill x 2

  • 20 x push ups
  • 30 x Mountain climbers
  • Hill x 2
    • 20 x oh lunges
    • 30 x flutter kicks / leg
  • Hill – ruck drag up, OH carry down
  • Hill run down
    • 20 x thrusters
    • 30 x knee to elbow

    I can ruck to Mississippi like this…

    Total commitment to your well being is nothing short of having to put forth all of your effort to being healthy. No shortcuts of any type. Attitude is everything for you to achieve your goals.

    Put on the ruck, take the step one at a time and cover the distance. Do the work. It is life changing when you go and become uncomfortable during the workout. Step outside of your comfort zone often, and it will alter your mental make up. There is something about achieving what you once deemed unattainable.

    Today we’re going to challenge you to take that step with us at Roos Recreational Field, Forest, Park, IL

    Rucks On!

    Ruck 1.25 miles

    • 20 x step ups
    • 30 x sit up
    • 40 x pp
    • 30 x leg levers
    • 20 x oh lunges

    I repeat, it’s hilly

    Working on leg speed, and active recovery today. Pacing is something that is taught while you’re in active recovery. Keep moving for it will pay off, and leg turnover will improve.

    There are times that running will feel good, and other times it will suck your spirit right out of you due to lack of rest, recovery, bad nutrition, or stress. Monitor, journal, and just be aware of what you’re feeding yourself to see a better outcome.

    Today at the hill we’re sprinkling some hill repeats to your running and workout routine so keeping it varied than just going on a flat surface for most of the work. It does pay off, and have you not noticed your lung power or leg speed improvements?

    Today at the Hill – ups and downs! Oh, did I forget to mention that you’ll be wearing your Ruck today?

    Rucks On! 20-40# dry

    Vests 15-30#

    • 2 x hill repeats (easy)
    • 20 x push ups

    Run to Benches (~600m)

    • 20 x step ups
    • 40 x dips

    Run to Hill (~600m)

    • 2 x hill repeats (moderate)
    • 20 x push ups
    • 40 x sit ups
    • 50 x flutter kicks
    • 2 x hill repeats (moderate)
    • 20 x oh lunges / leg (alternating)

    If you know, you know

    Today the picture for this post sums it up very well about today’s WOD. Warm up was geared towards mobility, and general dynamic range of motion except the flexor stretch.

    Working to make sure the unmarked soccer field route, and the requirements for the skills to be performed were understood we donned our rucks. So much dew on the field, and freshly mowed lawn/field. How fresh? Grass clippings everywhere – Fresh!

    During the run, shoes began to get bogged with water, yay fun! Get on your belly and beat your face! Push-ups 50 times with the ruck. Not too shabby, except that I noticed a very particular scent of you know what where I was laying down and beating my face. To my surprise Weber stated that on his side the grass around him smelled like Chinese food.

    I told him that may be the place where the last cook was taken out for bad Yelp reviews! Lol. Once you’re finished smelling the grass temporarily you look around and think, it’s not that bad….. pssst! I’ve got news for you, this dew is gonna be your friend. An intimate friend at that.

    As we stood up we were somewhat cooled off a bit by the dampness, but a tad out of breath. Ruck swings for 50. Ever swing a ruck with weight in it, and it begins to slide inside so when your swing ends at the top the load falls within, and pulls you harder downward so you try your hardest Not to fall on your face every single time? Oh, I do miss my kb on those moments.

    Balancing act done! After much swearing, and trying to figure out what’s next as you’re a little dizzy right about now. Did I mention the weight shifts inside the ruck? Oh, let’s cover the shoulder to shoulder. You have a ruck, shifting weight, wet hands, and if you’re wearing gloves like most of us did you’re GOING TO BE CHALLENGED!

    Made it! Now, for the shoulder to shoulder for 50. Would you like to know what a rucksack beside the head feels like? Experience, and future reference box checked off for this one. Good thing I have a tough nugget otherwise that thud, then ringing went away fairly quick – with some expletives to boot. All under my breath, I didn’t want to anyone to be distracted. Hey, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Okay, I said to myself the tough one is finally out of the way since this Russian twist with ruck stuff for 50 I’ll be sitting down, and I will finally catch my breath. I was almost overjoyed until I did the first ten. WTF!! No break, no slack and that bastard of a ruck was now a little damp to the point of discoloration from the dew. Still shifting weight also! Oh yeah! Game face on, and no audibles! F&$)%! Breathes were now short controlled gasps! I did laugh cynically because I programmed this and every WOD we do. I freaking LOVE IT!

    Great, finished working on the Russian-twist movement! Wooo! I get to stand up! Yay, I forgot what was next so I walk over to the white board to read – ‘flutter kicks‘! I almost cried with joy! Laying down and holding my ruck! Wait, that little bugger has it in for me and it may decide to slip – off my hands and crush my head before I finish! Going fast G?! Hell yeah!

    Stood up and now I’m ready to kill the rest of the workout! Oh, crap! Now up – ‘OH Lunge walk’!

    Did I forget that this was a wet, and cumbersome ruck now! The little fucker will not win! Hauled it over head and took the first lunge step. As I proceeded forward it wanted to stay right where we started! Yep, it begun to fall backwards. Oh, yes you are correct…..shifting weight, wet ruck, wet gloves, and shoulders that are getting smoked!

    Lunges are an ordeal, and not for he faint of heart! So do them often. I tell you from experience they are the building blocks to power, strength, stamina, speed, and balance. Let’s not forget the benefits also of great aesthetics! However I will never overlook the obvious – Sore as a horse kicking you on your ass – sore!

    But, I like them, so we do them….. I did not take a popularity vote after they saw the workout – so there!

    Short, very short of breath and now I’m going on my belly! First thought was – I’m going to be much cooler, and I will catch my breath. All I have to do is push my ruck from a prone position for half of a soccer field! Why? It’s the Low-crawl ruck push.

    I saw everyone else having a great time, so much so that some walked around, kneeled down, and catching glances all around I honestly thought the crew was just getting ready to cheer me on! Nah! I was a bit delirious since they too were sucking wind, possibly cursing my name also. Heck, I had to do mental health check during he lunges!

    Smoked the shoulder. Grass in my shorts, mouth, nose, ears, bag, gloves, and the ruck – it’s getting heavier because it’s very very wet. I squeezed the bag, and it let out a resounding slushy sound. Not good for me since I had only moved half the distance required to finish the low crawl ruck push. Ugh! Head down, suck it up, and let it burn!

    I Passed the goal post! Now I switched to the high crawl/plank ruck drag half the soccer field. It ended where the low crawl began. My hips, shoulder, abs…you get the idea. They were not happy, and neither was the crew. However each of them felt, they all had laughed, yelled, cursed, laughed some more and we as a whole were much better for this because we came with a can do attitude! Cheered, and encouraged each other during this event.

    Come to a workout like this knowing that the unknown is here for you to tackle takes a certain confidence, inner strength, and perseverance that not many possess. Many can try it, not many will stay. You have the physical portion of these movements that are superseded by the mental game.

    You can tell who will come and tackle, and ultimately come back and become a permanent part of what we term ‘The Crew’.

    Everyone is welcome. You will grown in so many ways. Just remember to challenge your inner self, and battle those demons. They have nothing on you! We can prove it, and are more than willing to show you how! One day, and one workout at a time.

    Hope to see you here!

    Mi A Gi

    Magister Nosce!

    World Cup May be over, but…

    Today at Mayfair Park, Westchester. IL.

    Back to the pitch we go! But, coach I don’t see a net, nor a soccer ball in sight!

    Don’t you worry about those little details, and you’re gonna be just fine I tell ya! Just fine! All you have to remember is that tomorrow is another day which you can look back on today and just say ‘Thank you for not programming it again for consecutive days’.

    Ok, so now I have your full attention don’t I? Good, strap on those rucks kids and hang on to your cookies!

    The – ‘what-the what?!

    Rucks On – 15/20# dry

    Soccer field x 2

    • 50 x push ups
    • 50 x ruck swings
    • 50 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 50 x Russian twists
    • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
    • 50 x OH walking lunges
    • Low crawl ruck push 1/2 soccer field
    • Plank ruck drag 1/2 soccer field

    Soccer field x 2

    Humpday / Ruck day

    Today went as planned only if you were sitting at home just reading the website and thinking to yourself the same thing I was when the WOD started. This is gonna be a grinder of a workout.

    First mile I had a pleasant convo with Lindsey from running shoes, to tech in shoes to her biz as a Doula in her company Chicago Birth Boutique. Pace was about 3.6 mph and we went into our WOD ready to knock out the reps on today’s WOD (180613). Everything was performed with rucks except the burpees (thank God). Too much gravel and slipping makes for a longer and more suffering event, and we used the rucks for everything in the WOD thereafter.

    Suffering on many levels for everyone involved. Weber setting the pace, then Selene, Lindsey, Gil, and I with a quick turnover from exercise to exercise. Burpees, goblet squats, sit-up and press, step ups, flutter kicks, and finish with the one mile ruck at the end. Ok, I did not have a quick turnover on anything today. (There I said it)

    I’ve personally not run with 50lb ruck in a very long time, and today I ran the half mile back. On the tail end it felt like my lungs were ready to explode. Legs, hips, and abs felt great. Just not looking to run with that weight anytime soon.

    Times differed greatly, as did the weights we used on the rucks. I weighed my ruck when I got home, and something told me to check. Dry weight is 50lb, bag, and supplies took it to 58lb. Water, gels, med/trauma kit (always), light jacket, and other supplies brought the weight higher.

    I’m a big proponent of getting healthier while doing things the rest of the world seems horrible, hard, and unthinkable. Why? Why not? This life is not easy, nor will it ever be easy. It’ll knick you and bleed you, knock you on your ass and stomp on you if you let it.

    Getting up, and deciding to move forward and not quitting is what defines you , emboldens an individual which in turn causes you to carry yourself with a higher sense of purpose, and confidence that the rest of the world is greatly lacking.

    I don’t coddle anyone, anytime. I’ll give you support, and I’ll challenge you all the while making sure you don’t quit on yourself. You may be the last one, or like me I’ll bring in the rear at times, but I WILL NOT QUIT! We do it #RuFF style. The RuFF crew knows when to put the head down and grind it out.

    Will post a video on YouTube later with some of the ugly that was today’s WOD!

    Hope to see you here soon. Come join this band of go getters. You’ll never be the same, promise.

    Mi A Gi