Who ran up, and fell down the hill?

Run! Get your arms swinging fast, and get your butt up that hill! You have things to do in between, and get them done correctly and fast!

So, which one do I want you to do? How about all of it correctly? Oh, by the way wear your ruck. The weight should be 20~30# men, 10~20# women.

Rucks On!

Hill x 2

  • 20 x push ups
  • 30 x Mountain climbers
  • Hill x 2
    • 20 x oh lunges
    • 30 x flutter kicks / leg
  • Hill – ruck drag up, OH carry down
  • Hill run down
    • 20 x thrusters
    • 30 x knee to elbow

    Hero WOD Moreno

    Today we Honor Captain Jennifer Moreno

    US Army

    KIA 131006 Afghanistan while responding to help fallen soldiers wounded by explosives.

    • 2km run with vest/ruck
    • 20 x burpee pull ups
    • 100 x flutter kicks
    • 20 x burpee bj
    • 100 x flutter kicks
    • 20 x burpee pull ups
    • 100 x mountain climbers
    • 20 x dips

    Skillz in foot work

    Spent this Sunday programming, eating, and running errands while also sitting and watching runners reach their goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon 2018! Testament of mental and physical endurance. Well done finishers! They put in he work to run that distance and they persevered.

    Along those lines I was also really blown away by the efficiency of the elite runners in a sub 2:10:0.0 finishing time for the marathon. Holy cow! Yes, they worked their butts off year round to maintain that Skillset of power, endurance, mental focus for the entire time running, not jogging but truly running very fast!

    Skillset must be trained, not a hit in the dark if you want to truly succeed. You must put in the work of leg speed, turnover and strengthening the muscles that maintain your body whilst you go fast or faster during the training periods and tapering periods of the training schedule you maintain.

    Hence there is the racing schedule you must take into account also. There is a lot going on in he realm of injury prevention, nutrition and improving time(s) during the races. Everyone wants to be on the podium, don’t lie or deny it. I know I do, but reality sinks in extremely fast when you look at your training log and notice the lack of time spent putting in the work to acquire, and hone such skill to even consider being close enough to finish fast, or faster than the last race you ran.

    This week there will be plenty of running, but today we’ll work not on speed, but on foot landing, followed by a pull, and a pose. Technique takes time to learn, and it should be practiced very often to get the connective tissue stronger especially if you’re not strong enough for a lot of endurance foot work. Injury prevention is job one.

    Today we’re at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

    Soccer field x 1 lap

    1. Slow run x 100m
    2. High knees x 100m
    3. Med run x 100m
    4. Heels to butt x 100m
    5. Fast run x 100m
    6. Soccer field x 1
    • 20 x leg levers
    • 20 x superman
    • 100 x mountain climbers
    • 50m bear crawl
    • 50m crab walk
    • 50m lunges

    Benched again!

    It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a run to benches workout. So, today we’re heading forward to the benches in a group run. It’s dark, damp, and chilly. However not chilly enough to wear long pants so sweaty is what we’re going to be.

    Ab strength is important for balance, power, and stability. Every single day you’re either pulling, pushing, or pressing as a human being. Groceries, kids, driving, stocking, mechanical work. You name it the core is critical for those daily functions.

    Let’s not overlook the benefits of the core strength in athletic endeavors like running, jumping, rowing, weightlifting. All of these movements require more strength of the core to acquire speed, stability, dynamic explosive power to achieve your goals and not get hurt.

    So, today we find ourselves at the Hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL

    1200m group run to benches

    • 40 x flutter kicks
    • 50 x mountain climbers
    • 40 x squats
    • 50 x step ups
    • 40 x bench dips
    • 50 x reverse lunges

    1200m group run to hill

    Strengthening the hips

    Leg and hip strength is very important as you get older. Watch people and their posture long enough you begin to see some form of rounded back with loss of lumbar curve! That folks is what people end to look like a darned candy cane!

    I like candy canes as a treat not as a human being who really has a choice to change for the better. Sitting causes so many derangement to the mechanical form of the body if you let it!

    Make the decision to stop deformity, and get on board to getting stronger!

    Today we’re fixing that derangement at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

    Soccer field x 2 laps

    • 50yd Lunge walks

    • 50 x leg levers

    • 50 x alt lunges

    • 50 x long jumps

    • 50 x push ups

    • 50 x mountain climbers/ leg

    • 50 x superman

    • 50yd Lunge walks

    Soccer field x 2 laps

    Mats, you mean sissy pads!

    Well, today you’ll need those sissy pads to help you on a couple of movements to save your elbows. Why? Moving from low to high planks hurt on cement. So, that’s why you’ll need the pads/mats.

    After a Memorial WOD on Tuesday this is a little recovery movement day so that you can get through the rest of the week with us.

    Hip mobility is critical for your whole system health. You need to get the system entirely ready to go for healthy movement patterns to proceed. No link too weak to get stronger so we need balance, and mobility.

    Today we find ourselves at Roos Recreational Field, Forest Park, IL

    Bring yoga mats – steps

    • 10 x cossacks (bw)

    • 50 x mtn climbers

    • 10 x cossacks (mb)

    • 50 x flutter kicks

    • 10 x alt lunges

    • 20 x low to high planks

    • 10 x alt lunges

    • 50 x flutter kicks

    • 10 x cossacks (mb)

    • 50 x mtn climbers

    • 10 x cossacks (bw)

    For results, not four results

    Working out deserves a standing commitment to yourself to improve on your well being internally as well as externally. Wonder why someone doing half as much as you looks better and more focused? It’s called rest, and good nutrition.

    No amount of work will out perform sound nutrition and sleep. Sleep being the primary recovery tool for every human being. What do you fuel yourself with? Ever try working out in the morning in an empty stomach? It is tough, but your body adjusts and boy the spikes in energy are astounding!

    Hydration, and not liquor the night or two before your workouts make a difference. It’s okay to grab a swig of water while you workout but lingering around the water bottle for more than swig is wasting time. Sip, and go. Teach your body to work a little harder without too much wasted movement will take you to another level mentally and physically. Try it, and get back to me with your results.

    Today we’re at the Hill – Rucks On!

    ⁃ 1 mile run with ruck

    • 20 x step ups

    • 30 x leg levers

    • 40 x squats

    • 50 x mtn climbers

    • 60 x kb swings