Quick, but deadly

Just described what you’ll feel like once you complete this very quick, low rep workout. Just remember to breath it all in.

Focus today on your ability to not red-line, or burn yourself out on the first running loop. It’ll benefit you to be fast, but steady.

Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

  • 30 x burpees
  • 30 x bj
  • 30 x dips
  • 30 x leg levers
  • 30 x mb sit ups
  • 30 x mb cleans
  • 30 x mb ball slams

Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

9/11 Memorial WOD

In remembrance of this Historic event of our country we are Honoring our Fallen.

Deep in meditation, prayer, and recalling all of the details of that day it is like a fresh wound at times, but to those that lost loved ones that day our Hearts are with you.

We as a Nation will never forget, and Honor those sacrifices with many a varied event in this wonderful Nation.

We will Honor 9/11 with our workout today starting early at 0530 at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL. Come join us for this special event!

Team WOD – Rucks On!

Teams of two or three

At VB court – Row —> 2977 meters

Then –

• 343 x mb sit ups / team

• 100m sb & ruck run / ea

• 23 x kb snatches / each

• 100m sb & ruck

• 37 x push ups / each run / ea

• 100m sb & ruck run / ea

• 184 x flutter kicks / each

• 100m sb & ruck run / ea

• 40 x burpees long jump

Keep rowing until all meters are complete!

2977 victims total

2753 N.Y. victims – including:

• 343 FDNY

• 23 NYPD

• 37 PA

Pentagon –

• 184 Victims

Pennsylvania –

• 40 Victims

Step it up kiddos

A lighter side of of the week today to do a mental check, and get some required mobility prior to starting out today. Self care is important so you can make the best gains possible.

How about we open them hips by getting the flexors stretched in the mobility exercises in warm up, and strengthening them during the workout. Balance is key, and do not skimp on the small stuff like mobilizing the movers, and hinges!

Today we’re at Roos in Forest Park, IL

At steps

  • 60 x Hindu push ups
  • 50 x mb sit ups
  • 60 x mountain climbers each leg
  • 50 x v-up sit ups
  • 60 x squats
  • 50 x hip thrusters
  • 60 x mb oh lunges

Partner Hero WOD

R.E.D. Friday Hero WOD -‘Chapman’

A Hero in all rights. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, our Nations Highest Award!

Here is his citation –

Partner Hero WOD – Vests On!

Buy in – 150 x kb swings (tag team)

Then **

  • 100 x push ups
  • 100 x mb sit ups
  • 100 x kb cl to OH
  • 100 x bj
  • 100 x sb cleans


• One Partner runs 200m

• Other Partner exercises

• Tag team after every run until exercise reps are finished

• All reps must be complete before moving on to next exercise