World Cup May be over, but…

Today at Mayfair Park, Westchester. IL.

Back to the pitch we go! But, coach I don’t see a net, nor a soccer ball in sight!

Don’t you worry about those little details, and you’re gonna be just fine I tell ya! Just fine! All you have to remember is that tomorrow is another day which you can look back on today and just say ‘Thank you for not programming it again for consecutive days’.

Ok, so now I have your full attention don’t I? Good, strap on those rucks kids and hang on to your cookies!

The – ‘what-the what?!

Rucks On – 15/20# dry

Soccer field x 2

  • 50 x push ups
  • 50 x ruck swings
  • 50 x shoulder to shoulder
  • 50 x Russian twists
  • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
  • 50 x OH walking lunges
  • Low crawl ruck push 1/2 soccer field
  • Plank ruck drag 1/2 soccer field

Soccer field x 2