Man your sweaty stations!

Every single time I tell people to man their stations the tendency is to look as lost as possible as if I’d asked them to look for the corner in a square room! It never fails, that after description of exercises, movement standards, and walk through I would often ask the crew do you have any questions?

All would shake their collective heads and reply No. once the proverbial 3,2,1- Go is announced they start with the questions! Okay, what gives?!

This day you’re in the volleyball court at Mayfair Park so make sure you bring change of socks, and shoes.

5 rounds

Stations – @vb court

1)kb, 2)bw, 3)mb, 4)bw

1. 10 x kb snatches

Run to next station

2. 10 x Superman’s

Lunge walk

3. 10 x mb sit ups

Bear crawl

4. 10 x push ups

Crab walk

Sand in the shorts

Meet at the vb court for some abrasive exercises today! Yes! Exfoliate while you kb clean, Jerk, swing, drag, gasp, hallucinate, sit up and pray it ends sooner than later and wish you’d stay at home!

What’s that? You want to skip the WOD and stay in bed a little longer? Why would you even consider such blasphemy? Get out here and join us!

The great thing about working out in the outdoors is the lack of music, and the need to focus on your breathing technique while you perform the exercises correctly!

Motivating music? Listen up there kiddo, and listen well. The noise you’ll learn to appreciate is actually coming from your body to inform you of how much you’re exerting yourself, or not at enough. How your food intake can make it, or break it by performing exercises that have a fatiguing factor once you notice that what you ate is not really fueling your workouts much less your recovery.

All I want to impress on you is that by drowning out the sounds your body is making, and feeling right about the quarter of the workout in-is that you are going to second guess your input and dial it in to make it work for you in your lifestyle

Today you’ll be pleased to know that we’re meeting in Mayfair park at the volleyball court. Sweet! Yeah, I know!

At the VB court- kb (12-24kg)

  • 20 x kb cl & J (no pp)
  • 50 x kb swings (R)
  • 20 x kb lateral drags (knees off the deck)
  • 50 x kb sit ups
  • 100 x mtn climbers
  • 20 x kb snatches (total)
  • 20 x burpee kb swings (A)

R.E.D. Friday 8/03/18

Today we Honor the Fallen!

Wear your RED!

We’re at Forest Park Park District, Forest Park. Join us!

Be ready to give it your all for those that gave the ultimate gift for you and I.

Vest 20/15#

  • Workout is at the volleyball court

(Taking turns on sandbag to reach 100 reps)

  • 100 x sb clean (50# sb)
  • 60 ft x kb high crawl and drag
  • 100 x kb swings (R)
  • 60 ft x bear crawl
  • 60 ft x crab walk
  • 100 x flutter kicks
  • 100 x mountain climbers
  • 30 x kb snatches
  • 30 x renegade rows
  • 60 ft x lunges

(59 ft is court regulation length) + 1 foot 😜

No vest? I can bring one for you

  • Remember
  • Everyone
  • Deployed