Not a beach day

Running around in the cold, getting sand all over you it would be great if it had anything to do with enjoying the waterfront at the beach, or a warm day at the beach lounging. Nope, not in my line of work. Today at Mayfair Park we’re starting out with a sandbag 400m run. You can hold it anyway you like, as long as it doesn’t touch the floor.

Ideally you’ll be running, but you can walk it if need be. It’s cool, you have the meat and potatoes coming right up after the run anyways, so enjoy the fast pace of things to come. Hopefully you’ll get this done fairly quick since it’s warmer today than the past few mornings that were around 24dg.

For time:

  • 1 x lap track (400m) w/sb
    • 10 x sb thrusters
    • 10 x kb snatches/ arm
    • 20 x cossaks
    • 20 x sb cl & j
    • 30 x kb renegade-rows
    • 30 x alt sb lunges
    • 20 x sb burpee

    Cold, and sandy!

    We’re going to make it through today in the sand while it’s scheduled for a dark, dry, cold morning at 40F. Not really cold enough to freeze anything, but bring gloves due to the sand. It’ll be good for you to move with a purpose today for the added resistance provided by the sand.

    The kb used today should be of challenging weight, but not so heavy that you break up the exercises into more than one set. Start and finish the entire exercise without putting the kb down. Get through this AFAP.

    • 20 x alt kb swings
    • 20 x cossacks
    • 120ft bear crawl
    • 120ft crab walk
    • 120ft long jumps
    • 120ft lunge walk
    • 20 x kb snatch
    • 20 x kb russian twists
    • 20 x kb pp

    9/11 Memorial WOD

    In remembrance of this Historic event of our country we are Honoring our Fallen.

    Deep in meditation, prayer, and recalling all of the details of that day it is like a fresh wound at times, but to those that lost loved ones that day our Hearts are with you.

    We as a Nation will never forget, and Honor those sacrifices with many a varied event in this wonderful Nation.

    We will Honor 9/11 with our workout today starting early at 0530 at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL. Come join us for this special event!

    Team WOD – Rucks On!

    Teams of two or three

    At VB court – Row —> 2977 meters

    Then –

    • 343 x mb sit ups / team

    • 100m sb & ruck run / ea

    • 23 x kb snatches / each

    • 100m sb & ruck

    • 37 x push ups / each run / ea

    • 100m sb & ruck run / ea

    • 184 x flutter kicks / each

    • 100m sb & ruck run / ea

    • 40 x burpees long jump

    Keep rowing until all meters are complete!

    2977 victims total

    2753 N.Y. victims – including:

    • 343 FDNY

    • 23 NYPD

    • 37 PA

    Pentagon –

    • 184 Victims

    Pennsylvania –

    • 40 Victims