Who ran up, and fell down the hill?

Run! Get your arms swinging fast, and get your butt up that hill! You have things to do in between, and get them done correctly and fast!

So, which one do I want you to do? How about all of it correctly? Oh, by the way wear your ruck. The weight should be 20~30# men, 10~20# women.

Rucks On!

Hill x 2

  • 20 x push ups
  • 30 x Mountain climbers
  • Hill x 2
    • 20 x oh lunges
    • 30 x flutter kicks / leg
  • Hill – ruck drag up, OH carry down
  • Hill run down
    • 20 x thrusters
    • 30 x knee to elbow

    Grip strength, core stability

    Carry any object on your shoulder, and it is a tough day when it’s very heavy, and it’s loaded inside a ruck. Carry a heavy object in one hand for distance without changing hand or stopping and it’s a suck fest! Kids today is that day.

    Grip strength is going to get better. Just see this through with me okay? We’ll survive to tell the tales!

    Today we’ll be getting sweaty, and challenged at the Hill!

    KB love day!

    • 20 x kb snatches
    • 1 x hill repeat (kb racked at clean)
    • 1 x hill repeat (luggage carry)
    • 2 x 50m OH kb walk
    • 100 x kb swings (R)
    • 30 x kb Cossacks
    • 50 x kb windshield wipers