Share the wealth

How do you play party cakes? Seriously? As long as I live I never really got around to finding out what the song says, nor what it means much less why you have clap your hands in that manner.

Regardless, I like a partner WOD every so often so I can share the misery (wealth)with someone else.

Partner WOD 30min AMRAP

  • Bridge run
  • 20 x dips
  • 20 x pull ups
  • 20 x mb slam ball
  • 20 x inch worms
  • 20 x push ups

Details –

  1. P1 – runs
  2. P2 – exercises
  3. Switch every time runner comes back
  4. Move onto next exercise once reps are complete

Nothing like a day at the beach, sort of

We’ve been having fun working on sand a few times a week recently, and today we’re having sand to shake off, and spit out after our workout today. You will need your ruck for this workout at the vb court.

Okay, who doesn’t like a shock absorbing ground when you facial due to fatigue!? πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Today we’re @Mayfair Park

Rucks On!

β€’ 60 ft bear crawl

β€’ 60 ft crab walk

β€’ 30 x pp

β€’ 30 x burpee swing

β€’ 60 ft gorillas

β€’ 60 ft inch worms

β€’ 30 x shoulder to shoulder

β€’ 30 x flutter kicks / leg

β€’ 1 x lap track

Dew? You mean water!

After yesterday’s LaborDay WOD we are sore going into this mornings event. Took a little longer to warm up, and with more groans, grunts, and laughing than usual.

Today seems a bit off on the exercises, but using the tools at hand this WOD got interesting pretty fast! Breathing heavy right from the start I noticed the dew on the grass wasn’t just dew. It was drenching water masquerading as dew.

If you can picture it glossy, reflective blades of grass in a humid morning. As you begin to walk in it the water begins to splash all over you!

We had yet to start and I was soaked from my knees down! So, what did we have to do as the first exercise? Freaking Burpees! Now my dry upper body is totally drenched not so much by sweat but by the water in the grass. Drenched! And not even five reps in! πŸ˜‚

Oh, boy! The looks Selene gave me when she read out loud the first exercise! I was almost in tears. She beat me to 50 like nothing. As if I was standing still. To be honest I did stand still trying to keep the blackness from encroaching my being. Did I mention yesterday’s workout?

So, we ran a little and I tried my best not to laugh out loud otherwise I’d not be writing right now. Have you ever not hit your head with a sandbag(sb) while performing the shoulder to shoulder exercise? Who doesn’t look funny doing it? I wear my hat on purpose for things like that, but I just checked it and I may have gotten knocked around a few times by the sb. But, watching her do it made it a little more entertaining. Sshhhh, don’t tell her I wrote that. Hahahahahahaha!

Have any of you performed inch worms on a very wet natural grass field for 50m after getting your body smacked around a few times? Try it! Lots of fun! That’s how we finished our workout today!

I am very honored, and Blessed to have such a great workout partner as my fiancΓ©! She has a no slack attitude with a bit of a competitive drive (she will deny it).


Using alternative methods of weights that are odd objects to begin with you learn very quickly to appreciate straight lines of bars, and handles where your weakness isn’t challenged to develop at all.

Don’t get me wrong here. As you develop strength you can overlook the weakness of a limb, or part of your body that is not as strong on a movement when your working on barbells that you can expose while your work on dumbbell, kettlebells, or odd objects.

They force a less developed limb, or core muscle group to work harder so it can become an equally powerful extension of the body than just a hidden, and not noticeable weakness. Machines have a tendency to not develop such a weakness. Free weights, odd objects all will become a source to strength and balance.

Developing the entire system for total power, and balance it is important to realize that you are always growing. Finding the weakness in your system can help to develop a way of strengthening your body while developing that said appendage, or link that is under developed so as to not cause you any injury in the future.

So, with that being said let’s get this on!

Today at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

⁃ At soccer field

  • 50m run
  • 50 x burpees
  • 50m run
  • 50 x sb shoulder to shoulder
  • 100m sb run
  • 20 x sb man makers
  • 100m sb run
  • 100 x flutter kicks
  • 50m run
  • 50m inch worms