A bit of a climb

We looked at the sky, and at 18F said in unison “this feels warm”. Yes, out loud and it didn’t even phase us. Getting up to head outside and get our workout in has made it being in colder temps and make statements like that common between us RuFF regulars.

I mean how often do you really make it outside in below freezing weather while wearing one or two layers to get on icy covered ground for a workout? Turn around the next day and do it again. It is challenging to begin a process as physically demanding as getting up that early (0400) for the general population.

Once you have step one covered then getting yourself outside with us is Huge! You’ll find yourself in the company of others that refuse to do regular things and be okay with it. You will be challenged to do things that inside the gym are uncomfortable.

Today one of the consistent hints was a 200m run between exercises on an icy hill. Like run up there hill, lunges (2 laps) up the hill, burpees, goblet squats, push ups, bear crawl up the hill.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that we were not able to take off our rucksacks for the entire time we rucked to the park, worked out, and rucked back to our starting point CF Spero.

Today the rucks needed to be on the heavier side than usual which meant that ladies had to put extra weight inside them while the guys put extra-extra weight to get this done.

A little confession- my butt cheeks almost cramped while doing the lunges up the hill! Those are tougher than they look. Especially with the extra weight added.

These are pics of Selene getting the last exercise in

Who ran up, and fell down the hill?

Run! Get your arms swinging fast, and get your butt up that hill! You have things to do in between, and get them done correctly and fast!

So, which one do I want you to do? How about all of it correctly? Oh, by the way wear your ruck. The weight should be 20~30# men, 10~20# women.

Rucks On!

Hill x 2

  • 20 x push ups
  • 30 x Mountain climbers
  • Hill x 2
    • 20 x oh lunges
    • 30 x flutter kicks / leg
  • Hill – ruck drag up, OH carry down
  • Hill run down
    • 20 x thrusters
    • 30 x knee to elbow

    I said it’s a climb or two

    We’re here wondering what benefits may come about from performing hill repeats. One things is for sure it is the power output needed to keep going up and down this darned elevation. Speed of foot falls, leg strength, cadence of turnover, pulling power, lung capacity, breathing cadence…to name a few.

    Yes, I know she don’t have big hills here with any type of elevation to speak of. Some may even say that our off ramps from the expressway exits are our urban hills! I wouldn’t argue with that one bit! We have to travel far for real elevation, but we make due with our Hill here at Westchester Woods.

    So, today we’re inviting you to join us for a few hill climbs with load.

    Rucks On!

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb swings

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb cleans

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb pp

    • 1 x hill bear crawl

    • 50 x kb sit up

    When it’s time to climb…

    Who’s gonna go up that hill? Me, silly. You’re gonna follow up right behind me so hang on ’cause this one is gonna get you’re lungs scorched right from the start.

    Today you’ll find yourself in Westchester woods at the hill.

    What will you need? From the obvious, a pair of lungs, high knee socks, or tights, bug spray (sorry kids), sun visor/sweat band, gloves, and kb.oh, trail running shoes will be a Bug win if you use them.

    What are you gonna do with said equipment? Kill it! That’s what!

    For time –

    Hill run x 2

    • Kb lunges x 50 (alternating)

    Hill run x 2

    • Kb step up x 50

    Hill run x 2

    • Kb clusters x 50 (25/arm)

    Hill run x 2

    • Kb Goblet sq x 50