It’s a loaded run

Early this week we spoke about the bridge, and repeats that suck the life out of you when they’re a long distance and high reps.

Today is such a day where mental fortitude is built. Days like today you need to have in your schedule so that like the marathon finisher that has covered many miles just to run 26.2 in one day has the fortitude to see their training come to fruition.

Physically everyone can do this, mentally we’re going to see who begins, and then completes the training today. I know you will if you’ve followed our training for over a month.

Today we’re at our lovely hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL

Vests/Rucks runs

  • 1 x hill (walk/run)
  • 800m run
  • 2 x hill
  • 600m run
  • 3 x hill
  • 400m run
  • 4 x hill
  • 200m run

Heaving for air

A good workout will leave you spent, and happy you completed it. Ever had one of those workouts where you end up laying on your back gasping for air, and basically flailing? Yup, me too.

No, today you won’t be at that level however you will work hard on the hill repeats.

Prior to rucking up, load up the ruck with a little more weight than you’re used to. No running involved for this workout there will be enough time for that another day. Today it’s just going to be fast rucking up and down the hill in between repeats you’ll have a flat section to help you recover.

Today we’re at the Hill in Westchester woods, Westchester IL

Ruck hill repeats

Rucks – heavier than usual

No running

  • 200m ruck
    • 4 x hill repeats
  • 200m ruck
    • 3 x hill repeats
  • 200m ruck
    • 2 x hill repeats
  • 200m ruck
    • 1 x hill repeats


    Take hike, not a stroll

    Spent Friday and Saturday of last week basically mentally getting stronger as we tackled the R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD ‘Seven by seven’, then immediately Saturday morning tackling a coupon ruck ‘RuFF Ruck Club‘ inaugural event.

    Ever have a moment in life where you didn’t have enough hands to help you do tasks? That day we needed extra hands to swat them mosquitoes from us! Short of having to get an infusion of red blood cells from almost being sucked dry that day, the body was good to go!

    I’ll stock up on Deet for the next hike in the woods which happens to be today!

    We’re at The Hill for this – semi-recovery run interval workout

    • 5 x hill intervals

    With increasing speed complete 5 intervals*

    • 4 x hill

    With increasing speed complete 4 intervals

    • 3 x hills

    With increasing speed complete 3 intervals

    • 2 x hills

    With increasing speed complete 2 intervals

    • 1 x hills

    With increasing speed complete 1 intervals

    Rest –

    • Set 1 after 5 int = 2:00

    • Set 2 after 4 int = 1:30

    • Set 3 after 3 int = 1:00

    • Set 4 after 2 int = :30

    Focus –

    1. Keep working on arm and leg cadence syncing
    2. Faster leg turnover each set
    3. Pacing of the fives to get you warmed up is important
    4. Listen to your breath – nasal breathing should be primary breathing pattern
    5. Try not to burn yourself out early

    I said it’s a climb or two

    We’re here wondering what benefits may come about from performing hill repeats. One things is for sure it is the power output needed to keep going up and down this darned elevation. Speed of foot falls, leg strength, cadence of turnover, pulling power, lung capacity, breathing cadence…to name a few.

    Yes, I know she don’t have big hills here with any type of elevation to speak of. Some may even say that our off ramps from the expressway exits are our urban hills! I wouldn’t argue with that one bit! We have to travel far for real elevation, but we make due with our Hill here at Westchester Woods.

    So, today we’re inviting you to join us for a few hill climbs with load.

    Rucks On!

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb swings

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb cleans

    • 1 x hill

    • 50 x kb pp

    • 1 x hill bear crawl

    • 50 x kb sit up