Want to be better

How about we see if this works like we say it does.

What? Yes, today we test our fitness. Army Physical Fitness Test and

GoRuck Selection PT test.

Do you have what it takes to complete the test(s)?

You can pick one or the other, but if you’ve been following our program you will have at least two previous APFT’s Tuesday 6/12/18 & Thursday 6/21/18.

Now, let’s go test ourselves to see what we need to improve on.


  • 2min max push ups


  • 2min max sit ups


  • 2 mile run AFAP

B) GoRuck Selection

  • 2min max push ups


  • 2min max sit ups


  • 5mile run

There is sand inside!

It’s inside my socks, shorts, ears, gloves, shirt and mouth!

Yet, we had a blast today for the R.E.D. Friday WOD at Roos recreational field in Forest Park. Have you tried cleaning a gnarly, sandy and beat up 50 lb sandbag? Well Gil and I got it done. I personally have to say it gives hard upper cuts to the chin if you let it.

Swings and animal crawls (bear/crab) are no joke when you try to catch your breath. Good thing it was a short workout. (Right!)

As time went by we gave each other some key pick me ups, and expletives heard on the video – RuFF page.

Thank God it wasn’t humid, otherwise all of that sand would’ve stuck to ‘everything’! That sandbag though! I need a better shell for the sandbag insert. It was tough to grip for the clean, and it began to rip from the start of the workout. Fun!

Any kB swings wearing a vest will burn the inside of the forearms due to the arms running the vest on the bottom of the swing portion. So, just suck it up and keep moving. There are ointments, two Advil’s and hydration for that once you’re done. 😉

Truly a great time had sweating, hurting, muscles screaming, and gasping for air for a R.E.D. Friday!

We Honor You!

Magister Nosce!

Mi A Gi

RED Friday – Elmo style
We’re Glossy!
Have to roll it out otherwise I’m gonna hurt!
Grunt Style – OG Infidel
GoRuck- GR1
Over 💯 lb – good thing it was just one rep