A bit of a climb

We looked at the sky, and at 18F said in unison “this feels warm”. Yes, out loud and it didn’t even phase us. Getting up to head outside and get our workout in has made it being in colder temps and make statements like that common between us RuFF regulars.

I mean how often do you really make it outside in below freezing weather while wearing one or two layers to get on icy covered ground for a workout? Turn around the next day and do it again. It is challenging to begin a process as physically demanding as getting up that early (0400) for the general population.

Once you have step one covered then getting yourself outside with us is Huge! You’ll find yourself in the company of others that refuse to do regular things and be okay with it. You will be challenged to do things that inside the gym are uncomfortable.

Today one of the consistent hints was a 200m run between exercises on an icy hill. Like run up there hill, lunges (2 laps) up the hill, burpees, goblet squats, push ups, bear crawl up the hill.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that we were not able to take off our rucksacks for the entire time we rucked to the park, worked out, and rucked back to our starting point CF Spero.

Today the rucks needed to be on the heavier side than usual which meant that ladies had to put extra weight inside them while the guys put extra-extra weight to get this done.

A little confession- my butt cheeks almost cramped while doing the lunges up the hill! Those are tougher than they look. Especially with the extra weight added.

These are pics of Selene getting the last exercise in

One cold dry morning

Baby, it’s cold outside! No songs were sung nor tune played for our pleasure this morning. Out the front door into the fray with a temperature of 22F.

Good thing there isn’t a wind chill or we’d be popsicles right from the get go. We’re going to be at Roos Athletics Field for this week.

Come and join us, so we can help you get you back in gear.


⁃ jumping jacks x 40

– leg/arm swings x 20/ea

⁃ Trunk twists/ Torso bends x 20 ea

WOD – ruck 10/20# dry

  • 400m ruck
    • 50 x walking lunges
    • 20 x burpees w/ruck
    • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
    • 20 x dive bombers/ Hindu push ups
    • 50 x step ups w/ruck
    • 20 x goblet squats
  • 400m ruck
  • Booo! Halloween & Humpday WOD

    You can wear what ever costume you want today, if you’re into that. However you do need to wear a ruck for the workout since it is a pre-requisite for today.

    Although you will burn over 1🎃🎃calories on this workout it does not give you permission to eat like crap though. It’s the start of the comfort foods time of the year, and I agree it will be fantastic and delicious when you indulge.

    You hold the key though to mitigate the sleepyhead feeling from too much turkey, the sugar high from the pies, candy apples, candied yams, and all of the deserts that are passed around or bought frequently so that everyone can share. Go ahead and eat it, however you should not put yourself in a position to derail everything you’ve worked for at this time of year.

    Guilt is a motivator for some, yet it is unhealthy. It makes some people resentful, and bitter for letting go and over indulging. Avoid the guilt, and enjoy with family and friends what is special about being together and sharing good food. Portion size is an individual measurement, and should be sought after with guided assistance by a nutritionist, dietitian and those around you that can help you monitor what, and how much you stuff your face with.

    Happy 🎃 Halloween! Boo!

    Rucks On!

    1 mile ruck (run)

    • 40 x swings
    • 50 x step ups
    • 40 x shoulder to shoulder
    • 50 x sit ups
    • 40 x goblet squats
    • 50 x OH lunges
    • 40 x wall ball

    1 mile ruck (run)

    Iron sharpens iron

    I’ve heard it said that to being strong mentally, physically, and spiritually you need to have mentors help you walk through those steps so that you can become the wonderful you that you’re destined to become.

    Some of these individuals you have come in contact with you did not know they were helping to mold you to be a better version of you. They have worn many costumes like teacher, pastor, father, mother, friend, elderly, or the homeless man/woman you shared your grace with.

    Small things to make the Big person that is you.

    Today we’re at Mayfair Park

    VB court w/kb

    • 20 x kb one arm swings (10/arm)
    • 20 x kb goblet squats
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb cossacks
    • 20 x kb sit ups
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb cleans (10/arm)
    • 20 x kb alternating lunges
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb pp (10/arm)
    • 50 x kb swings (R)
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through

    A lil’ something

    Today we’re at the Hill at Westchester Woods. I really enjoy the outdoors, and having to do anything outdoors trumps being indoors any day. So, today we have a lil’ something for you to get done with your selected kb weight.

    Focus on breath control trying to breath mostly through your nose for as long as you can. Once you begin to mouth breath step back to control your breathing, and regain the nasal breathing once more to finish the workout as you began. Breathing through your nose.

    3 rounds

    • 10 x dips
    • 10 x kb cl
    • 10 x kb goblet squats


    3 rounds

    • 10 x push ups
    • 10 x kb cl to oh
    • 10 x kb sit up
  • Humpday / Ruck day

    Today went as planned only if you were sitting at home just reading the website and thinking to yourself the same thing I was when the WOD started. This is gonna be a grinder of a workout.

    First mile I had a pleasant convo with Lindsey from running shoes, to tech in shoes to her biz as a Doula in her company Chicago Birth Boutique. Pace was about 3.6 mph and we went into our WOD ready to knock out the reps on today’s WOD (180613). Everything was performed with rucks except the burpees (thank God). Too much gravel and slipping makes for a longer and more suffering event, and we used the rucks for everything in the WOD thereafter.

    Suffering on many levels for everyone involved. Weber setting the pace, then Selene, Lindsey, Gil, and I with a quick turnover from exercise to exercise. Burpees, goblet squats, sit-up and press, step ups, flutter kicks, and finish with the one mile ruck at the end. Ok, I did not have a quick turnover on anything today. (There I said it)

    I’ve personally not run with 50lb ruck in a very long time, and today I ran the half mile back. On the tail end it felt like my lungs were ready to explode. Legs, hips, and abs felt great. Just not looking to run with that weight anytime soon.

    Times differed greatly, as did the weights we used on the rucks. I weighed my ruck when I got home, and something told me to check. Dry weight is 50lb, bag, and supplies took it to 58lb. Water, gels, med/trauma kit (always), light jacket, and other supplies brought the weight higher.

    I’m a big proponent of getting healthier while doing things the rest of the world seems horrible, hard, and unthinkable. Why? Why not? This life is not easy, nor will it ever be easy. It’ll knick you and bleed you, knock you on your ass and stomp on you if you let it.

    Getting up, and deciding to move forward and not quitting is what defines you , emboldens an individual which in turn causes you to carry yourself with a higher sense of purpose, and confidence that the rest of the world is greatly lacking.

    I don’t coddle anyone, anytime. I’ll give you support, and I’ll challenge you all the while making sure you don’t quit on yourself. You may be the last one, or like me I’ll bring in the rear at times, but I WILL NOT QUIT! We do it #RuFF style. The RuFF crew knows when to put the head down and grind it out.

    Will post a video on YouTube later with some of the ugly that was today’s WOD!

    Hope to see you here soon. Come join this band of go getters. You’ll never be the same, promise.

    Mi A Gi