Park WOD & Vet Ruck March

We began a Friday morning Ruck March for 800m headed to Rehm park located in Oak Park, IL. Weights on the rucks are going up per week to increase the training effect for us while getting the body ready for our annual Ruck March.

The Chicago Veterans Ruck March is a great event that runs from a northern suburb of Chicago – Glenco, IL. Following this route we have the Lake Michigan on or left during the March all the way south bound until we reach our destination in Chicago 20 miles away at North Ave beach.

Twenty miles rucking on beautiful tree lined streets, lakefront to our east, sunshine (*cough) most of the time, breezy (*cough – at times) cool air, and fantastic people all around the neighborhoods we travel through providing moral, and logistical support.

Veterans, and active members of the military participate along with ROTC students from both HS, and universities. Gold star families, families of military personnel, and civilians that support the cause. We’re united to stop Military suicide from 20 suicides a day to zero. Not a short term goal, but a long term goal and vision.

We’d love to have you join us as we take on the Ruck March for the third year participating on this wonderful, and emotional day. Veterans must seek the help of other veterans, and support staff to make looking or asking for help not a stigma or as seen weak in any matter, shape, or form.

If you know someone who needs help, or you’re the one reading this and truly need help please reach out! There are thousands of people that can help. Truly there are people that want to listen, and assist you.

Here is a page full of helpful links to assist you.

Chicago Vets Partners

Our Team page if you would like to support us

Team RuFF

#dol #sua #semperfi

Hope to see you guys soon!