Not a beach day

Running around in the cold, getting sand all over you it would be great if it had anything to do with enjoying the waterfront at the beach, or a warm day at the beach lounging. Nope, not in my line of work. Today at Mayfair Park we’re starting out with a sandbag 400m run. You can hold it anyway you like, as long as it doesn’t touch the floor.

Ideally you’ll be running, but you can walk it if need be. It’s cool, you have the meat and potatoes coming right up after the run anyways, so enjoy the fast pace of things to come. Hopefully you’ll get this done fairly quick since it’s warmer today than the past few mornings that were around 24dg.

For time:

  • 1 x lap track (400m) w/sb
    • 10 x sb thrusters
    • 10 x kb snatches/ arm
    • 20 x cossaks
    • 20 x sb cl & j
    • 30 x kb renegade-rows
    • 30 x alt sb lunges
    • 20 x sb burpee

    Cold, and sandy!

    We’re going to make it through today in the sand while it’s scheduled for a dark, dry, cold morning at 40F. Not really cold enough to freeze anything, but bring gloves due to the sand. It’ll be good for you to move with a purpose today for the added resistance provided by the sand.

    The kb used today should be of challenging weight, but not so heavy that you break up the exercises into more than one set. Start and finish the entire exercise without putting the kb down. Get through this AFAP.

    • 20 x alt kb swings
    • 20 x cossacks
    • 120ft bear crawl
    • 120ft crab walk
    • 120ft long jumps
    • 120ft lunge walk
    • 20 x kb snatch
    • 20 x kb russian twists
    • 20 x kb pp

    Iron sharpens iron

    I’ve heard it said that to being strong mentally, physically, and spiritually you need to have mentors help you walk through those steps so that you can become the wonderful you that you’re destined to become.

    Some of these individuals you have come in contact with you did not know they were helping to mold you to be a better version of you. They have worn many costumes like teacher, pastor, father, mother, friend, elderly, or the homeless man/woman you shared your grace with.

    Small things to make the Big person that is you.

    Today we’re at Mayfair Park

    VB court w/kb

    • 20 x kb one arm swings (10/arm)
    • 20 x kb goblet squats
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb cossacks
    • 20 x kb sit ups
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb cleans (10/arm)
    • 20 x kb alternating lunges
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through
    • 20 x kb pp (10/arm)
    • 50 x kb swings (R)
    • 60ft kb renegade row / pull through

    Vest, but no bow tie

    I like having to pick up odd objects from the floor while standing over them, and it is by far much easier when you’re lifting it up to any height in that manner.

    I really enjoy how I feel having successfully lifted something odd and heavy in that manner. Then there is having to lift the odd object from the ground while supine, and the object is a sandbag. Oh man, it gets serious very quickly.

    You’re having to perform abdominal contraction, trunk rotation, and flexion, and standing up with odd object to boot. Did I forget to mention that you must also return to the starting position to compete the rep? Ha! One!

    Today we’re doing such a thing, and it’s the first exercise we open our workout in! Oh, I completely forgot to tell you to wear the 10/15/20# vest also. Silly me.

    Today we’re at Roos Recreational Field, Forest Park, IL

    Vests On!

    • 10 x sb get ups

    • 20 x bj

    • 30 x cossacks

    • 20 x k2c

    • 30 x push ups

    • 40 x alt lunges

    • 30 x dips

    • 20 x k2e

    • 30 x hello dolly

    Note –

    You will be running from a dips, to steps, to pull up bars so bring an extra pair of lungs today! 😉

    Mats, you mean sissy pads!

    Well, today you’ll need those sissy pads to help you on a couple of movements to save your elbows. Why? Moving from low to high planks hurt on cement. So, that’s why you’ll need the pads/mats.

    After a Memorial WOD on Tuesday this is a little recovery movement day so that you can get through the rest of the week with us.

    Hip mobility is critical for your whole system health. You need to get the system entirely ready to go for healthy movement patterns to proceed. No link too weak to get stronger so we need balance, and mobility.

    Today we find ourselves at Roos Recreational Field, Forest Park, IL

    Bring yoga mats – steps

    • 10 x cossacks (bw)

    • 50 x mtn climbers

    • 10 x cossacks (mb)

    • 50 x flutter kicks

    • 10 x alt lunges

    • 20 x low to high planks

    • 10 x alt lunges

    • 50 x flutter kicks

    • 10 x cossacks (mb)

    • 50 x mtn climbers

    • 10 x cossacks (bw)

    Up the hill with the ruck…

    Today is special for a couple of reasons. One, it’s Fall! I love the fall season and changing of the colors, and watching so many things in nature begin to work or finish working on their little homes, and preparing for winter.

    Secondly it’s my 53 go around here on this blue planet! Yup! Gonna enjoy it at the Hill working on getting faster with the loaded ruck, and really sharing quality time one suffering with me.

    Third is always and mostly giving Thanks to God for this grand opportunity to share what I do with all of you.

    Today at the Hill in Westchester Woods

    Rucks On!

  • Hill x 2
    • 50 x cossacks (rucks in hands)
  • Hill x 2
    • 50 x dl
  • Hill x 2
    • 50 x sit ups
  • Hill x 2
    • 50 x burpee (53 for Gio’s BD)
  • Hill x 2
  • Labor Day it is!

    Not just a holiday to slack off and just go glutton on me! It’s time to get your ruck on for this Monday morning WOD and get it done! Make sure you bring a change of shirt, and shoes. It’s going to be sandy, and grassy!

    A labor of love today! Grind it out, and don’t f’n quit! #DFQ #NQ. Breath in power, and exhale weakness!

    Today we find ourselves at Roos in Forest Park, IL.

    Happy ‘Labor Day’

    Rucks On!

    At steps

    • 50 x step ups
    • 50 x bulgarian split squats
    • 20 x pull ups
    • 20 x dips

    At VB court

    • 50 x kb swings
    • 60ft x bear crawl
    • 50 x kb cossacks
    • 60ft kb crawl drag
    • 60ft kb lunges
    • 60ft crab walk
    • 60ft gorilla walk
    • 50 x kb sit up

    At Steps

    • 50 x leg levers
    • 50 x burpee