Going up?

Hill repeats can wear on you both physically and mentally especially if they’re a high repetition and long spanning bridge that you have to cover. You get into a groove, and just get it over with trying your hardest not to hate life in the process. It does make you appreciate flat terrain more though.

Today we have a short length, and not so high a bridge to do repeats on, and you’ll have only two repeats to cover! Yes, Two!

However there is a meat of exercises to perform in between the repeats so you’ll have something else to think about instead of the drudgery of the ups and downs of hill repeats.

Today we’re at Roos Recreation Center in Forest Park, IL

Rucks On!

Bridge run

  • 20 x dips
  • 50 x alt lunges
  • 20 x k2c
  • 50 x sit ups
  • 20 x push ups
  • 50 x step ups

Bridge run