A Bridge not too far

There is an element of rucking today, and it’s a fast rucking! No running allowed, but very close to it so make sure you’re prepared.

The bridge we’ll be going over isn’t too steep nor long so that’s good, but the sidewalks are very narrow so make sure you bump every other pedestrian off your path as you go along okay! Just kidding!……

Well this bridge is very familiar to us here at Roos, because it provides us with gawkers, traffic, and a fair amount of shade in the morning on a portion of the workout area.

Today we meet the steps. Rucks On!

Ruck – Bridge to Madison and Back

– Then

3 rounds – with ruck

  • 10 x pull ups
  • 10 x dips
  • 10 x sit ups
  • 10 x burpee to ruck pp