One way or another

One way or another, I’m gonna get ya! Remember that song? Cool song, and sometimes I hear songs pop into my head while I’m working out and just sucking wind. I love it when a random song pops into my head while suffering a little bit and getting work done with others that help me while I’m suffering, or struggling with a movement.

Who or what do you hear in your minds inner realms when the suck increases? I’m so eclectic it’s mi d boggling! Hahahahaha!

Today we’re at the Hill!

Rucks on!

  • Ruck run to benches (600m)
    • 20 x burpees
    • 30 x Bulgarian squats
    • 20 x sit ups
    • 30 x dl
    • 20 x push ups

    Labor Day it is!

    Not just a holiday to slack off and just go glutton on me! It’s time to get your ruck on for this Monday morning WOD and get it done! Make sure you bring a change of shirt, and shoes. It’s going to be sandy, and grassy!

    A labor of love today! Grind it out, and don’t f’n quit! #DFQ #NQ. Breath in power, and exhale weakness!

    Today we find ourselves at Roos in Forest Park, IL.

    Happy ‘Labor Day’

    Rucks On!

    At steps

    • 50 x step ups
    • 50 x bulgarian split squats
    • 20 x pull ups
    • 20 x dips

    At VB court

    • 50 x kb swings
    • 60ft x bear crawl
    • 50 x kb cossacks
    • 60ft kb crawl drag
    • 60ft kb lunges
    • 60ft crab walk
    • 60ft gorilla walk
    • 50 x kb sit up

    At Steps

    • 50 x leg levers
    • 50 x burpee

    Just humid

    Early Monday morning run and WOD was easy on the way out to our designated area around .8 miles out. There were plenty of benches in the shade with muddy field surrounding our area. I guess selecting the clean benches was a mistake for Selene, and Eric due to them being bitten by the mosquitos.

    I fared better with a disgusting bench, yet we all had the same look when we started the Bulgarian split squats. They’re hard especially immediately after a run. Lots of under the breath remarks …… you know who you are. Lol, it is hard not to stop and laugh sometimes. Tight muscles were Not an issue this morning, it was the heat, and humidity.

    I wanted to go and blitz through it, then after the split squats my body just laid it on me with a faucet of sweat all at once. It was like something inside said let’s wait until he wants to speed up and let it go. ‘Nene, and Eric decided to do their Superman’s and v-up sit ups in top of the benches so the mosquitoes had their meal then. I don’t mind the mud it actually cooled me off fairly well prior to the run back. No mosquitoes wanted a piece of me at all. I felt a left out. Not!

    Taking my time is not an option on exercises, and yet fatigue set in at the sit ups. It’s amazing how fast I think I’m going only to find myself also feeling like I’m spinning my wheels not moving at all. The run back was plenty of stop and go since we tried to keep no more than 20yd distance between each runner so either we slowed down enough or stopped to keep each other together until the finish.

    How I enjoy early morning runs, and/or workouts. It makes my day so much easier to deal with, and a dash of mental focus not found with coffee alone. The benefits of mental and physical stress relief and control is paramount for the population. How does working out help you? What time of day works best for you?

    Hope to see you here soon.