Never too cold to run

As I say this, the thermostat is at 30F, and balmy. Some people still consider it shorts weather. I used to be in that category when I was *cough younger *cough, but I see the light and wear the appropriate three layers to stave off the chill.

Layer one, hair. Layer two, wool. Layer three, shell. See, I am a veteran athlete that doesn’t shy away from the cold, but my digits don’t like it since I had a few episodes of frost nip in my twenties. Fingers get pretty cold, and only moving fast will I be able to stay warm and retain warmth. Heck, my water bottle froze during a 5k while in my late 30’s and I wasn’t the worst for wear.

Since it’s balmy outside let’s get this workout done, no!? Today we’re at the Hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL.

For time and a medicine ball (mb) 20/14#

  • 50 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 50 x mb lunges
  • 200m run
    • 25 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 25 x cousins
  • 200m run
    • 50 x leg levers
    • 50 x butt biters
  • 400m run
  • It’s a loaded run

    Early this week we spoke about the bridge, and repeats that suck the life out of you when they’re a long distance and high reps.

    Today is such a day where mental fortitude is built. Days like today you need to have in your schedule so that like the marathon finisher that has covered many miles just to run 26.2 in one day has the fortitude to see their training come to fruition.

    Physically everyone can do this, mentally we’re going to see who begins, and then completes the training today. I know you will if you’ve followed our training for over a month.

    Today we’re at our lovely hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL

    Vests/Rucks runs

    • 1 x hill (walk/run)
    • 800m run
    • 2 x hill
    • 600m run
    • 3 x hill
    • 400m run
    • 4 x hill
    • 200m run


    This morning was just great! Just great! Started with mobility, on your own of course and a little banter between Weber and ‘Nene. Funny mornings begin with, ‘hey you’ I thought you’d sleep in again and show up three hours from now’!

    Oh, man she holds nothing back. He holds nothing back either with a sly remark and they’re both laughing it up. This is how we meet and greet daily.

    This group of doers are getting after it daily. Today just happens to be an added suck factor of ruck runs to the mix. Oh, the looks on their faces when I described the plank ruck drag for 50ft. That was good. 💀💩

    We ran intervals of 200m runs between sets of exercises.

    • Set one -Burpees, squats – 20 each.
    • Set two – plank push ups, Ruck push press – 30 each
    • Set three – leg levers – 40
    • Plank ruck drag – 50 feet
    • Run the last 200m

    All of this mayhem was performed with the ruck on your back if you were not doing the pp, leg lever, or drag with it.

    Sweaty! I mean we all had the high sheen Gloss while working out and that faucet did not let up for quite sometime after. Sweat pouring down into the eyes, nose, mouth. Basically it was pouring.

    Hypoxic runs. A run with a load on your back is challenging if you let the ruck bounce on your shoulders too much. Wear a good ruck, or invest in one. Well worth your money and time. It pays for itself. Truly, it does.

    We’ll be loading the rucks up with heavier loads for tomorrow. Expecting a slower cadence with a higher level of suck. Weeee!!

    Oh, dear Lord!

    Hope to see you soon!