Just keep moving

As we wind down a week of some tough workouts we give a special gut check to today’s R.E.D. Friday WOD.

Began with dynamic mobility, and some easy calisthenics. Static stretching and a run down of distances to be covered, apparatus to be used, and movement standards and scaling.

It’s been said that the easy ones are the ones you look at and say ‘only’ 5,7,9,12 reps. I’ve done worse just this week. Well, let me tell you that I was eating my words.

Ruck workouts require a tenacity to see it through especially if you are not comfortable with anything on your back for prolonged periods of time and pushing, pulling, and trying to sit and press while performing a sit up.

I’ve underestimated my own R.E.D. Friday WOD programming

Understanding what it means to suffer a little and give it all you got for those that gave it all for us! I’m in! What do I have to lose? Not a damned thing. I will gladly continue to Honor our fallen. Never Forgetting their sacrifices, and their families that also pay a great deal also.

I’ve underestimated my own R.E.D. Friday WOD programming so far and I’m humble enough to say that I pay the price for believing that I can get through it faster or unscathed. Neither of which have come to fruition.

It really doesn’t phase me to get it completed in record time, since I have great workout buddies pushing me, others, and themselves. We get through it together finishing with smiles, gasping for air and learning to be in the moment.

The finish of these are usually me collapsed gasping for air, and thankful for finishing.

Hope to see you here soon!

Magister Nosce!

You and I / me and you…..

Today we’re at Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL. I really enjoy Partner workouts. Don’t you? At least today you’re not carrying your partner anywhere. You’re just helping out on some of the exercises.

Everything you will be doing today is with a partner, and if it’s an odd team then so be it. Focus on good movement, and good range of motion. No short cuts. You’ll have a great time with this one. Grab your partner and dosey do!

For time:

Partner WOD

  • 100m Run
  • 50 x synced Partner push ups (clapping hands)
  • 100 x leg levers (partner assisted)
  • 1 x soccer field run
  • 200 x mtn climbers
  • 100 x single leg butt raises
  • 2 x soccer field run
  • 300 x squats
  • 100 x sit ups (partner holds ankles/feet)