Quick, but deadly

Just described what you’ll feel like once you complete this very quick, low rep workout. Just remember to breath it all in.

Focus today on your ability to not red-line, or burn yourself out on the first running loop. It’ll benefit you to be fast, but steady.

Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

  • 30 x burpees
  • 30 x bj
  • 30 x dips
  • 30 x leg levers
  • 30 x mb sit ups
  • 30 x mb cleans
  • 30 x mb ball slams

Park loop x 1 (1 mile)

No dumping allowed!

Training with kettlebells (kb) for any period of time you’ll always hear from your experienced lifters to control your kb from start to finish. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all haven’t you?

Well, the crux is that from start to finish you should be breathing, splinting, swinging, stopping, breathing some more then lowering and Not Dumping your kb just because it’s your last rep.

Will you hurt yourself? Honestly there is a chance once it bounces around it may hit another object than hit you however it may bounce back and smack you really good. So, the other objects maybe another human being in the area so it’s good practice to control it, and not take that chance. I’ve heard some really stupid statements from former clients -“as long as it’s not me I don’t care..”, “well I’ve been lucky this longs so what?”, “you didn’t t tell me at the start of the WOD I couldn’t dump it!”

Really? I sometime daydream of every time they dump it bounces back just close enough to scare the crap out of them. My biggest peeve folks, it truly is. Respect the equipment. Take care of your tools.

Today at Roos Recreational Center, Forest Park, IL

For time –

  • Run 1 mile
  • 20 x push ups

⁃ Then

3 rds

  • 12 x kb clean
  • 10 x mb sit up
  • 10 x sb get ups
  • ⁃ Then
  • 3 rds
    • 10 x sb clean
    • 10 x mb burpee
  • Details
    1. Med ball (mb) sit up – sit up with kb above the head to between feet = 1 rep
    2. Sandbag (sb) get up – with sb on any shoulder proceed to stand up without sb touching floor
    3. Sandbag clean – with sb across feet proceed to clean sb to shoulders and stand upright = 1 rep
    4. MB burpee – perform a push up on mb, then spring up with mb in hands pushing ball over head = 1 rep
  • Magister Nosce!
  • Oh, I’ve got a feeling

    Let’s start the week with something bland, easy to do so you can say you did something and call it a day okay?

    Bwahahahaha, ya! Right! Get rucked up and make sure you have the weight set accordingly. Strap in on and get your running shoes on. A one mile run for time followed by two EMOM’s for 5min each.

    Get used to your ruck kiddos because it’s going to be an integral part of your training this week!

    Rucks On! 10/20# dry

    Run 1 mile with ruck

    • 3 min rest

    A) With rucks


    • 10 x squats
    • 5 x push ups

    Rest 1

    B) With rucks


    • 8 x burpees

    Rest 1

    • 2 x hill runs

    R.E.D. Friday – Celiz

    R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD

    SFC Chris Celiz – KIA 7/18 Afghanistan

    1/75 RGR BATT

    For time – ruck / vest optional

    Ruck (10/20#) Vest (15/20#)

    1 mile run

    • 75 x H.R. push ups
    • 75 x squats

    1 mile run

    • 75 x sit ups / crunches
    • 75 x bj
  • Take this memorial WOD to Honor Celiz. What he stood for. What he Fought For. What he gave his life for!
  • We Honor you Celiz!
  • RLTW! DOL! Sua!