One cold dry morning

Baby, it’s cold outside! No songs were sung nor tune played for our pleasure this morning. Out the front door into the fray with a temperature of 22F.

Good thing there isn’t a wind chill or we’d be popsicles right from the get go. We’re going to be at Roos Athletics Field for this week.

Come and join us, so we can help you get you back in gear.


⁃ jumping jacks x 40

– leg/arm swings x 20/ea

⁃ Trunk twists/ Torso bends x 20 ea

WOD – ruck 10/20# dry

  • 400m ruck
    • 50 x walking lunges
    • 20 x burpees w/ruck
    • 50 x flutter kicks / leg
    • 20 x dive bombers/ Hindu push ups
    • 50 x step ups w/ruck
    • 20 x goblet squats
  • 400m ruck
  • Baby it’s Hot inside

    Getting out on cold, wintry days takes a certain mindset that you have to develop. I recall as a child that the only way I’d go out and feel happy was when there was a) no school, and b) snow on the ground.

    I could care less that I could freeze within minutes outside with the windchill alone, much less the lack of layers on my body. As I got older I was still not happy unless there was snow on the ground, but at least I learned the value of cover on my nugget and hands.

    I did give myself a gift of severe frost nip one year working outdoors with bad gloves and from then on I do have to make sure I am properly warmed up in order for my hands not to be bothered too much by the cold.

    Nowadays we have to make a concerted effort to head out to workout knowing the lack of snow, but plenty of ice, and cold! Layering options are a plenty to choose from and the joy of going to do something I enjoy is levels ahead regardless of whether or not it is 15~20F.

    Get out, and enjoy life regardless of the cold. You may even like it. Just keep moving and wear the appropriate layering available to you.

    Never too cold to run

    As I say this, the thermostat is at 30F, and balmy. Some people still consider it shorts weather. I used to be in that category when I was *cough younger *cough, but I see the light and wear the appropriate three layers to stave off the chill.

    Layer one, hair. Layer two, wool. Layer three, shell. See, I am a veteran athlete that doesn’t shy away from the cold, but my digits don’t like it since I had a few episodes of frost nip in my twenties. Fingers get pretty cold, and only moving fast will I be able to stay warm and retain warmth. Heck, my water bottle froze during a 5k while in my late 30’s and I wasn’t the worst for wear.

    Since it’s balmy outside let’s get this workout done, no!? Today we’re at the Hill in Westchester Woods, Westchester, IL.

    For time and a medicine ball (mb) 20/14#

    • 50 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 50 x mb lunges
  • 200m run
    • 25 x wb
  • 200m run
    • 25 x cousins
  • 200m run
    • 50 x leg levers
    • 50 x butt biters
  • 400m run
  • Not a beach day

    Running around in the cold, getting sand all over you it would be great if it had anything to do with enjoying the waterfront at the beach, or a warm day at the beach lounging. Nope, not in my line of work. Today at Mayfair Park we’re starting out with a sandbag 400m run. You can hold it anyway you like, as long as it doesn’t touch the floor.

    Ideally you’ll be running, but you can walk it if need be. It’s cool, you have the meat and potatoes coming right up after the run anyways, so enjoy the fast pace of things to come. Hopefully you’ll get this done fairly quick since it’s warmer today than the past few mornings that were around 24dg.

    For time:

  • 1 x lap track (400m) w/sb
    • 10 x sb thrusters
    • 10 x kb snatches/ arm
    • 20 x cossaks
    • 20 x sb cl & j
    • 30 x kb renegade-rows
    • 30 x alt sb lunges
    • 20 x sb burpee

    Flurry mb & hill

    Who’s up for some snowy fun at the Hill today? It’s going to be very over cast, snowy, not really windy (checked this morning), and above 30!

    We’ll make sure that you’ll keep warm alright. Anyone that has ever worked out at the Hill has performed at high intensity every time. Today will be no different, so be ready and wear appropriate cold weather gear.

    Today’s WOD –

  • 5 x hill repeats (ea. progressively faster)
    • 30 x bj
    • 30 x wb
    • 2 x hill repeats
    • 30 x mtn climbers
    • 30 x mb sit ups
    • 2 x hill repeats
    • 30 x mb Russian twists
    • 30 x mb cleans
    • 2 x hill repeats

    * The medicine ball (mb) exercises can be performed with gloves on, but it may make it very slippery since it is a leather ball. Just don’t smash your face with it. Cool?

    ** It will be a little icy, and slushy so bring change of shoes and gloves

    ***With the Daylight savings time (DST) active in the Midwest there will be no need for a head lamp/ torch. However it does not mean you should not have it in your possession if the need arises that you may be asked to use it.

    This month is Movember fundraising month! Growing my mustache for Men’s health, Prostate Cancer, Suicide Prevention

    Link – Gio’s Movember Page

    The gear load out

    This week is gonna be dark, and cold so please dress appropriately. On very cold days I’ve worn various amounts (layers) of clothing, and brand names. A few brands I really trust due in part to fit, comfort, warmth, and its ability to maintain heat.

    Icebreaker’s flexi chute – This little gem has a dual purpose. Keeps my nugget warm, and dry. Also works as a neck gatter when you’re wearing a dedicated hat, or use it as a hand warmer also. Trust me I’ve ran the gamut with item!

    Icebreaker’s LS zip top – I’ve worn it for cold freezing morning WOD’s and it’s stellar. Warm enough under a fleece and windbreaker, or under just a windbreaker. Dries fairly quick, long enough sleeves with thumb hole to keep it from bunching up and useful as a nose wipe (really good wipe)😜

    Icebreaker’s Ultra Sport Light Mini sock – This sock is cushy, warm and wool! I mean what else can you ask for? This sock I’ve used on cold days, hot days, wet days…… it just works!

    2XU Thermal Accelerate Comp Tights – I’ve used three other brand name tight/ leggings for running, hiking, working out in the outdoors that have not met the prerequisites of maintaining heat, quick drying, wind proofing without an added shell. These fit the bill for me. I can wear another layer atop it and it’s incredible how it makes me feel even near zero temps! Toasty, compressed, and dry!

    Mechanix The Original Grip Glove – Wearable equipment all year long! Grip to last you a while even when wet. Also, good while using a touch screen (surprising added benefit)

    Altra Superior 3.5 – Started wearing these shoes on a recommendation by Selene, she wears the Lone Peak 3.5. Great traction, wide toe box, and zero drop. I’ve run, and rucked in them without a problem. They’re very breathable, but you’ll need to try them on yourself for the proper size. I found them a tad short, so I had to go up a half size.

    With this much info you’re prepared for this week, and we’re kicking it off today @Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

    Rucks On!

    2 rounds – Baseball Field

      30 x leg levers
      30 x burpee to OH
      30 x lunges
      30 x push ups
      30 x sit up & press
      30 x swings
      1 x Lap track (400m)

    Perform all of the exercises with your ruck, including the runs!

    Just a few things

    RED Friday WOD @Roos Recreation Center

    Mobility warm-up:

    • Alternating lunges x 10 (5/leg) w/30 sec pause – arms above head
    • Pigeon pose 1:30/ leg
    • Leg swings 20 / leg (forward/backward)
    • Arm swings x 20 (total)
    • Trunk twist x 20 (total)
    • Jumping jacks x 30

    5 rds

  • 1 x Roos track (400m)
    • 5 x pull ups
    • 10 x push ups
    • 15 x squats

    Wear a 20/15lb vest if you want a challenge