The gear load out

This week is gonna be dark, and cold so please dress appropriately. On very cold days I’ve worn various amounts (layers) of clothing, and brand names. A few brands I really trust due in part to fit, comfort, warmth, and its ability to maintain heat.

Icebreaker’s flexi chute – This little gem has a dual purpose. Keeps my nugget warm, and dry. Also works as a neck gatter when you’re wearing a dedicated hat, or use it as a hand warmer also. Trust me I’ve ran the gamut with item!

Icebreaker’s LS zip top – I’ve worn it for cold freezing morning WOD’s and it’s stellar. Warm enough under a fleece and windbreaker, or under just a windbreaker. Dries fairly quick, long enough sleeves with thumb hole to keep it from bunching up and useful as a nose wipe (really good wipe)😜

Icebreaker’s Ultra Sport Light Mini sock – This sock is cushy, warm and wool! I mean what else can you ask for? This sock I’ve used on cold days, hot days, wet days…… it just works!

2XU Thermal Accelerate Comp Tights – I’ve used three other brand name tight/ leggings for running, hiking, working out in the outdoors that have not met the prerequisites of maintaining heat, quick drying, wind proofing without an added shell. These fit the bill for me. I can wear another layer atop it and it’s incredible how it makes me feel even near zero temps! Toasty, compressed, and dry!

Mechanix The Original Grip Glove – Wearable equipment all year long! Grip to last you a while even when wet. Also, good while using a touch screen (surprising added benefit)

Altra Superior 3.5 – Started wearing these shoes on a recommendation by Selene, she wears the Lone Peak 3.5. Great traction, wide toe box, and zero drop. I’ve run, and rucked in them without a problem. They’re very breathable, but you’ll need to try them on yourself for the proper size. I found them a tad short, so I had to go up a half size.

With this much info you’re prepared for this week, and we’re kicking it off today @Mayfair Park, Westchester, IL

Rucks On!

2 rounds – Baseball Field

    30 x leg levers
    30 x burpee to OH
    30 x lunges
    30 x push ups
    30 x sit up & press
    30 x swings
    1 x Lap track (400m)

Perform all of the exercises with your ruck, including the runs!

Just a few things

RED Friday WOD @Roos Recreation Center

Mobility warm-up:

  • Alternating lunges x 10 (5/leg) w/30 sec pause – arms above head
  • Pigeon pose 1:30/ leg
  • Leg swings 20 / leg (forward/backward)
  • Arm swings x 20 (total)
  • Trunk twist x 20 (total)
  • Jumping jacks x 30

5 rds

  • 1 x Roos track (400m)
    • 5 x pull ups
    • 10 x push ups
    • 15 x squats

    Wear a 20/15lb vest if you want a challenge

    Sally up! Just kidding

    There’s a song that many CF gyms have used for a workout which is called Flower by Moby. It’s used for many exercises m and there was an instant where I thought about using it for this workout, but alas I am not one to do that to you much less to myself.

    Today focus on your energy. Be fast, and accurate. No wasted energy.

    • 40 x bj
    • 30 x dips
    • 20 x burpees
    • 10 x squat jumps
    • 20 x k2e
    • 30 x dive bombers/hindu push ups
    • 40 x sit ups

    Warm, Mobile, and Fast

    It’s wet, cold, and dark Today! That means you’ll have too much time on your hands carrying the ruck, lugging it around everywhere today from the word Go! Remember, it is dependent on you to get this done AFAP, and correctly. Yes, keep warm by moving.

    Rest as needed, hydrate when warranted and knock your socks off today! Keep the ruck weight appropriate to your ability, strength, and mobility.

    Rucks On!

    • 50 x cossacks
    • 50 x walking lunges
    • 50yd bear crawl
    • 50yd crab walk
    • 50 x flutter kicks
    • 50 x pp
    • 100yd OH ruck carry
    • 50 x squats
    • 50 x leg levers
    • 100 mtn climbers

    Hero WOD 18D

    Today we’re honored to dedicate RED Friday to all of the life savers in the combat zone, especially the Special Forces Medic – The 18D


    Special forces medical sergeants are considered to be the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world.

    Though they’re primarily trained with an emphasis on trauma medicine, they also have a working knowledge of dentistry, veterinary care, public sanitation, water quality and optometry.


    Due to the wide variety of missions, special forces medical sergeants are trained swimmers, paratroopers and survival experts, as well as trained in many forms of combat. Training for the special forces medical sergeants consists of 60 weeks of formal classroom training and practice exercises.

    Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

    • Physical conditioning, parachuting, swimming and scuba diving

    • Using land warfare weapons and communications devices

    • Handling and using explosives

    • Bomb and mine disposal


    • Readiness to accept a challenge and face danger

    • Ability to stay in top physical condition

    • Interest in medicine and science

    • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations

    Today at Mayfair Park, in the vb court!

    R.E.D. Friday @vb court

    • 120ft sled drag 95/45 (+)
    • 120ft renegade row 53/45/26
    • 120ft kb walking swings
    • 120ft kb lunges
    • 120ft sled drag
    • 50 x kb cleans
    • 50 x kb sit ups
    • 50 x kb pp
    • 50 x push ups
    • 120ft sled drag

    Great quick info IG video of 18_zulu

    A last minute ruck

    I went ahead today to complete a challenge that was cancelled in the early part of October. It was the 12mile time trial ruck.

    I expected to do it alone, but decided my boy Gunner would be bored at home so I decided to feed him well, and hydrate him prior to leaving the house.

    Beautiful trail day with overcast sky, slight cool wind blowing at my back for the first half of the trip. The colors are what get me moving outside even more this time of the year. I’m a fall baby and it shows. I had conversations With people at certain times this year about training in different temps, and found myself coming back to solidify my stance on the Fall/Winter time of the year where I can train harder and much longer.

    Nature changing and preparing itself for darker, cooler, and icier days ahead. Those changes are what I love about this time of the year. Cooler temps means wearing wool tops, and a windbreaker even when it’s in the 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s. You’re gonna sweat, so wear the proper clothing and just enjoy yourself.

    Well, walking with a dog is no big deal really. All you have to consider is time, distance, people and other dogs especially the untrained ones. Other than that it’s great! Speed rucking, and with me loaded down with 50+ pounds on my back, and him on a leash makes it a very interesting day on the trail.

    He kept up really well until we saw a Big buck crossing the trail, and all he wanted was to chase it. Umm, nope! We trudged towards mile three where the video below was taken. He’s enjoying life, and loves the outdoors. What dog doesn’t?

    Once we got to our turnaround point we sped up just a tad more, from 3.5 pace to 3.9 pace. Man oh man I’m feeling that decision right now. Everything’s aching, swollen, and lost two nails one on each foot, and they’re from the same digit respectively. I’ve lost toe nails from those toes before. No big deal, just get over the fact that your hurting on the ruck march, and suck it up.

    You’ll live, and the good thing is that a Hot epsom salt soak helps immensely after such an event. Yes, the nails are off, and before you ask why? This is why – It hurts to walk with nails that have been pulled upward of the nail bed every step you take.

    So, I take them off. Simple. Fast. Clean. No more pain, or discomfort. They grow back, and most of the time growing them back isn’t a pretty thing since they don’t grow back perfect.

    Well, back at the trail from beginning to end:

    Trail – Salt Creek Trail

    • Start – Brookfield Woods
    • Halfway point – Wolf Rd
    • Finish – Brookfield Woods
  • Once complete we walked way slower, had him do his business then back home.
  • Once home, he drank water like he’d never had a drop over a week. Funny, I took a bowl, and water for him to drink out of, but instead he just turned his head in disgust! It made me laugh. Should’ve taken the pic of that. I was just spent.

    We ate lunch at home, 4 eggs, and a bowl of barbacoa taco meat that was left over. Heck, it was gourmet for me!

    Until next time kiddos! Kicking my feet up while he snores! Will need more food also!

    Oh, just might take a dram or two of Rum. Why not? 🥃🤔🤫

    P.S. Hydration is key to seeing something like this through, and so does electrolytes from Cranksports. It helped so much! Get on it people!