To wear it, or not to wear it….

Today being a ruck or vest type workout please take the time setting up the loading as follows-

Men – 20lb vest or 30lb ruck (dry)

Ladies – 15lb vest or 20lb ruck (dry)


800m Run –

Then3 rounds

  • 10 x kb snatches
  • 10 x kb c&j

Then2 rounds

  • 100 x mtn climbers
  • 100 x flutter kicks ((vest/ruck hold)(alt – kb hold)

Then – finish

800m run

  • (Dry) – weight only, no water, shoes, keys, id or anything else.
  • Monday recovery

    This past weekend was spent hiking the trail system at Turkey Run State Park, IN.

    Camping in a two person tent, and spot we were in was ample enough to host two big tents and two cars with electrical outlets to use. The majority of the days were hot, humid, and a beautiful cloudless blue sky.

    Spending Friday morning setting up the campsite, and grabbing some snacks here and there in the likes of Doritos, veggie sticks, and of course my Docaff. Delicious, dark, and tastes incredible!

    The camping area was huge! I mean it was full of RVs and not a single tent except for the five other couples we went camping with. RV camping was a sight to see. How they managed to park those gigantic things into a very tiny spot is beyond my amazement. Finesse, skill, and not having your neighbors yelling at you to not knock down their tarps, or tent lanyards go a long way to a good weekend of peace and quiet.

    Quiet, silence, and hot nights are not synonymous to peaceful nights. A/C noises drowned out nature, and if they didn’t then there were a few yahoos with a blow horn keeping people awake, or waking people up in the am. Oh, well. It’s not like backpacking where you have to pay to camp at secluded spots in a National Park. Trust me, well worth the hike, effort, and patience to find the secluded silent spot.

    The trails were groomed and well maintained. Engineered at some points then turned into regular dirt, and rocks. Taking a hike where a waterfall should’ve been, was strewn with slick boulders, and muddy. Not very technical, and within a certain part called the ice box, it was way cooler there than any other place. Caves, shallow ones were cool but not for camping. Possible for riding out a T-storm but that’s about it.

    Eating – oh the benefits of being prepared. Friday night was provided by the Dixon’s- smoked BBQ pork. Homemade bbq sauce, and eaten on a bun, topped with coleslaw, and baked sweet potatoes. For dessert we had brownies, and ice cream that was made right at the campsite!

    On Saturday, Paul, Kim, Gint, and Tina threw down with a serious breakfast of omelets, hash browns from-scratch, good Coffee provided by Sandra. Man oh man it was good! Now, on Saturday night Selene had prepared tinga at home and was just ready to be re heated –My Latina Kitchen

    There was plenty of other food on the table with grilled salmon a lot of greens and a Quinoa salad….. oh, the full tummy and great company! We have to do this more often.

    This was a very short period of time sharing life with people that enrich your life, laugh at corny jokes, and get very down to earth honest with the life stories we shared. From all walks of life, we came together not as friends but as family.

    Well we are looking forward to next years outing, since it’s so much fun why just once a year? We’ll see…. ha!

    Here we are – group pic…. say con Queso!

    Magister Nosce


    This morning was just great! Just great! Started with mobility, on your own of course and a little banter between Weber and ‘Nene. Funny mornings begin with, ‘hey you’ I thought you’d sleep in again and show up three hours from now’!

    Oh, man she holds nothing back. He holds nothing back either with a sly remark and they’re both laughing it up. This is how we meet and greet daily.

    This group of doers are getting after it daily. Today just happens to be an added suck factor of ruck runs to the mix. Oh, the looks on their faces when I described the plank ruck drag for 50ft. That was good. 💀💩

    We ran intervals of 200m runs between sets of exercises.

    • Set one -Burpees, squats – 20 each.
    • Set two – plank push ups, Ruck push press – 30 each
    • Set three – leg levers – 40
    • Plank ruck drag – 50 feet
    • Run the last 200m

    All of this mayhem was performed with the ruck on your back if you were not doing the pp, leg lever, or drag with it.

    Sweaty! I mean we all had the high sheen Gloss while working out and that faucet did not let up for quite sometime after. Sweat pouring down into the eyes, nose, mouth. Basically it was pouring.

    Hypoxic runs. A run with a load on your back is challenging if you let the ruck bounce on your shoulders too much. Wear a good ruck, or invest in one. Well worth your money and time. It pays for itself. Truly, it does.

    We’ll be loading the rucks up with heavier loads for tomorrow. Expecting a slower cadence with a higher level of suck. Weeee!!

    Oh, dear Lord!

    Hope to see you soon!