The nap must go on

Upon waking every morning I find it so hard to go back to bed once I’m up and out of the warmth of the ever pulling comfort of a warm mattress. Tell me again how staying in bed longer once you’re awake make one more relaxed?

I really can’t find a way to really nap at all during the day even when I feel drained. However I did find out the hard way when after a very long, hot and difficult workout one early frosty morning (I did say HOT) that we sweat so much running up a hill, dragging a rucksack bear crawling up the same hill and other pretty cool and nauseating exercises for 45 min that I can safely say that I sat down, and stripped my clothes off then proceeded to shower to get the cold mud off my body that I felt my body unwind and it actually felt very relaxed.

Recalling how once out of the shower knowing I had nothing scheduled for the remainder of the day that I sat on the couch and turned on the tube. Used it for white noise while working to program a clients workout for the month/cycle to make sure they get what they pay for. I began opening the spreadsheet, opened my Notes app and began to plan, scribble, and talk to myself (don’t judge). Talking out loud the program I began to yawn, and in that tune I actually went to heat up water for my coffee press.

My java in hand, hot and smelling so good I turned off my tv and turned on Spotify. Began to listen to Andrea Bocelli. Yes! I can finish my planning, and finalize this cycle and begin to outline a new cycle for others. Placed my java on the floor after finishing one cup that I felt so warm, calm, and yet focused that I was startled that an hour had gone by and was alarmed to find I had napped for such a long time An actual hour! The reason I know it was an hour was the time stamp on my spreadsheet when I had saved it.

It felt good. Heck, I felt very energized and more alert than with just the java. I have taken naps before, but I do believe that just grinding and not recuperating is not really a healthy thing to do either. Take small breaks, close your eyes, meditate, pray, hum, listen to yourself breathing and begin to familiarize yourself just being still if you are not able to sleep/nap.

It will help, and who knows. A coffee press, and a laptop do come in handy with Andrea in the background. Just sayin’.

Til next time


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