Catching up

Man oh man. Update of events begin with having to deal with my dog having stress induced allergies. Yes, vet stated it however I believe it’s the breed. He’s a bully and a great dog to begin with.

They’re more prone to skin allergies than other breeds. That is what the vet stated also. He was stressed for a bit due to change in venues for his humans.

Along with the change comes along interior design updates for our new digs. Since we’re lacking in a pantry we’ve made adjustments to our interior also. Giving us options not readily thought of from having more closet / storage space before.

Having more to do means being busy indoors as well as outdoors since I’ve managed to pick up more classes to teach at the gym

There were and will continue to be mornings that just brighten my heart so much and I must give God the glory for his beautiful gift. It’s such a spectacular view that is always inspiring regardless of the place I find myself in.

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