Ever wonder

I’ve been sitting on my couch typing, reading, and trying to wrap my mind around the national debt of over two trillion dollars.

Here I’m wondering what it needs to happen for me to be fiscally fit and finally debt free this year.

Slow process, but a defined and steady grind to get it done. It is doable! With that mindset has me marching forward into March while closing up February, and we are going to have a grinder of a Monday workout.

Using sandbags, were lugging them a quarter of a mile then slinging them all over the place, and in the ice on the ground it’s gonna be good. At least I think it’s gonna be icy.

I hope so, or we’re all going to be muddy, and a tad smelly. Not to say what those sandbags will probably look like when we’re done with the workout. I mean, if you’re gonna go and sweat why not get a little muddy in the process?

I’m a kid at heart and love the outdoors more than anything else. So, if you’re like me and willing to give it your all while in the company of others with the same mindset and will to get it done then join us.

We meet at CrossFit Spero in Oak Park, IL

We’re moving outdoors right after a warmup inside the gym so be there!

Hope you make it. 🙂

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