That breathing

This morning heading out for our workout in the park I didn’t feel much of a wind to start with, then while working out I noticed something very interesting. My beard began to freeze while working out as I was breathing a little heavier and mouth breathing.

Not a big fan of mouth breathing to start off with but I noticed my nose was having nothing to do with me while working out much less waking to the park.

I started to notice the effort to nasal breath increase en route to the lark, and a little chill hit my face. No sweat I said to myself while starting the workout with had us using loaded rucks either on our backs or overhead for OH squats.

Lunges, burpees, and one arm over head squats will have you panting in no time. At the Box (gym) they had a 7 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of Burpees!!! Yes! I can relate, but I would not have taken those even minutes over our loaded ruck workout. We worked our butts off on frozen ground, and Eleni is getting used to being outdoors with us.

Scott, joined in our event today and he worked for he first finisher time which was around four minutes faster than the last person. Regardless of time finished, we had Fun!

Barries park is frozen! Our knees and hands can attest to it since we were slipping and dinging our knees on the ground on the lunges and burpees. No breakdancing was performed by anyone today so we’re good to go.

We are going to be sore though. Maybe more so than Wednesday, but those pull ups with a ruck do catch up. Not complaining just highlighting the obvious when strict pull ups with a heavy ruck are required for the workout.

Hope to see you soon with us.

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