Heavy loaded

Wednesday morning loaded workout lead me to rethink endurance while trying to breath through a straw. At least that’s what I felt like in the early morning hours.

I enjoy working out in different locations, and have really learned to appreciate there outdoors. Why? I feel like I can go a little harder, and longer when suffering. I believe it has to do with me not looking for a clock per se, or feeling a tad parched while working out while sucking wind.

I can lift, and get a great wod indoors as much as I can outdoors. The difference for me is what an outdoors workout does to me. No artificial light since it’s pretty dark way early in the morning when I do workout, but it is fantasy watching the sunrise while suffering.

It brings a great sense of accomplishment when you’re finished and you watched light come up to start he rest of your day. I dig that many people enjoy the indoors more than outdoors, but for me even when cold and very chilly mornings come upon us it really reinforces the go getter attitude that drives like minded people. Both, indoors and outdoors they’re challenging themselves to find their mental endurance getting better, and a mental tenacity the leads it for the long run.

Come join us at CFSpero in Oak Park, IL. Mon/Wed/Fri @0600

See you soon.

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