New day, cold mud

We had a great soft opening day for RuFF in CFSpero this morning. It was a blast right from the get go.

We began our event inside the gym for a warmup and a little instruction for the morning’s event. We tucked up and headed out. Fun morning, with temps at 41F and zero wind.

Rucked a 1/4 mile and ended up in an icy, slight field. This stops the weak right in their tracks just by looking at it. However we are cut from a different cloth, and that material is all out of stock.

We had a great workout, and note to self – “No bright colors when there is mud to be played in”.

Under 20 min workout, ice, standing water, mud, shortness of breath, and a rucksack. What else can you ask for when you’re looking to have a greater understanding of being in the moment while you’re learning more about yourself?

Til next time –

If you’re interested in joining the CrossFit Spero Family contact

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