Baby it’s Hot inside

Getting out on cold, wintry days takes a certain mindset that you have to develop. I recall as a child that the only way I’d go out and feel happy was when there was a) no school, and b) snow on the ground.

I could care less that I could freeze within minutes outside with the windchill alone, much less the lack of layers on my body. As I got older I was still not happy unless there was snow on the ground, but at least I learned the value of cover on my nugget and hands.

I did give myself a gift of severe frost nip one year working outdoors with bad gloves and from then on I do have to make sure I am properly warmed up in order for my hands not to be bothered too much by the cold.

Nowadays we have to make a concerted effort to head out to workout knowing the lack of snow, but plenty of ice, and cold! Layering options are a plenty to choose from and the joy of going to do something I enjoy is levels ahead regardless of whether or not it is 15~20F.

Get out, and enjoy life regardless of the cold. You may even like it. Just keep moving and wear the appropriate layering available to you.

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