Flurry mb & hill

Who’s up for some snowy fun at the Hill today? It’s going to be very over cast, snowy, not really windy (checked this morning), and above 30!

We’ll make sure that you’ll keep warm alright. Anyone that has ever worked out at the Hill has performed at high intensity every time. Today will be no different, so be ready and wear appropriate cold weather gear.

Today’s WOD –

  • 5 x hill repeats (ea. progressively faster)
    • 30 x bj
    • 30 x wb
    • 2 x hill repeats
    • 30 x mtn climbers
    • 30 x mb sit ups
    • 2 x hill repeats
    • 30 x mb Russian twists
    • 30 x mb cleans
    • 2 x hill repeats

    * The medicine ball (mb) exercises can be performed with gloves on, but it may make it very slippery since it is a leather ball. Just don’t smash your face with it. Cool?

    ** It will be a little icy, and slushy so bring change of shoes and gloves

    ***With the Daylight savings time (DST) active in the Midwest there will be no need for a head lamp/ torch. However it does not mean you should not have it in your possession if the need arises that you may be asked to use it.

    This month is Movember fundraising month! Growing my mustache for Men’s health, Prostate Cancer, Suicide Prevention

    Link – Gio’s Movember Page

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