Warm, Mobile, and Fast

It’s wet, cold, and dark Today! That means you’ll have too much time on your hands carrying the ruck, lugging it around everywhere today from the word Go! Remember, it is dependent on you to get this done AFAP, and correctly. Yes, keep warm by moving.

Rest as needed, hydrate when warranted and knock your socks off today! Keep the ruck weight appropriate to your ability, strength, and mobility.

Rucks On!

  • 50 x cossacks
  • 50 x walking lunges
  • 50yd bear crawl
  • 50yd crab walk
  • 50 x flutter kicks
  • 50 x pp
  • 100yd OH ruck carry
  • 50 x squats
  • 50 x leg levers
  • 100 mtn climbers

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