Vacation trip 10/18, Part 1

This was a first for Selene, and I where we actually made the concerted effort to take a real vacation together to St Louis, MO followed up by camping stop in Bellevue, IA, and finish our trip in Dubuque, IA.

I have to say right from the start that Selene is a selfless, and totally giving person and she does not shy away from being herself when she’s the most comfortable around people she honors, and cares about the most. Engaging in conversation with my daughters was priceless. I can not express how special it is when my children have come to warm themselves with the idea that she is a main part of my being.

They are totally engaged in each other’s lives all the while opening themselves up personally, and emotionally in very open conversations of their personal lives that would have been unheard of years before. The maturing of the relationships of these women is a Blessing.

We started out heading south for a three day stay at an Airbnb in University City, MO. I really liked the residential home we stayed in. A full house to ourselves, where we actually hosted a dinner for my daughter who lives in St Louis. We had started the slow cooker for a ten hour cooking clock for the Vietnamese Pho made with chicken. Once started we headed out to see some sights with Daughter #2 and we had a blast. Got to see the Forest Park, museum, and local eateries.

When we got back to the house we finished cooking the Pho, and to our surprise it wasn’t what we expected. See, it (Pho) is easy to cook if you follow the steps provided and you’re attentive to cooking it precisely as described in the recipe. If you don’t follow the recipe then you’ll end up with what we ended it up with. A starchy Rice noodle that absorbed all of the broth once we added it to the pot (BIG no-no).

While serving ourselves the botched ‘Pho recipe we had a good laugh trying to salvage some of the broth from the bottom so we could at least enjoy whatever of it was left. A little bummed, but I would not change it for the world since sharing special moments with those we love not be perfect, but shared. Memories are made from moments as these.

The following day we headed out for a little relaxing day doing a little shopping (groceries) for the camping trip, then we headed out for our last night dinner together at Pastaria. I had been to this restaurant once before with a friend of mine in June of this year. I really like the atmosphere, and they make their own pasta while you wait.

We had a great dinner eating well prepared food. The ladies each ordered the -Bucatini All’ Amatriciana, while I had the Italian Ramen! Wow! Delicious!

We almost had to roll ourselves to the car after that. Full, not sleepy, and satisfied. A place for you to head out to when in St Louis. Highly recommended. The following day we parted ways, to once more start the process of longing to see each other sooner than later especially when the roads are long and travel is far. Either way, I Loved every minute I spend with my children. I cherish those moments.

Now, heading to the campsite in Bellevue State Park, IA. Part two coming up…..

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