Bday cookie for Gunner

Well my AmStaff turned 5 on the 20th of this month. So I wasn’t able to grab a bday treat for him that day.

I waited until Saturday the 22nd to take him on a 4.5 mile walk to have him enjoy it. We walked a new route which for him he lives for. New scenery and smells. Of course we can’t overlook the looks of people they give my beautiful pup every time we walk the streets.

Some are pretty cool especially the kids. They truly gravitate towards him and in turn he loves the kids attention. The adults are the ones that amaze me the most. They’d go out of their way to cross the street to avoid walking past us.

I don’t really care about some humans really. My pup is a good dog ever since I rescued him, and brought him home I’ve worked with him to being socialized with humans and other animals. He loves kids and wants nothing more than to play all day until he drops.

This is my pup Gunner and he is a smart loving dog.

Happy Birthday kiddo! Here is to many more like it!

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