Take hike, not a stroll

Spent Friday and Saturday of last week basically mentally getting stronger as we tackled the R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD ‘Seven by seven’, then immediately Saturday morning tackling a coupon ruck ‘RuFF Ruck Club‘ inaugural event.

Ever have a moment in life where you didn’t have enough hands to help you do tasks? That day we needed extra hands to swat them mosquitoes from us! Short of having to get an infusion of red blood cells from almost being sucked dry that day, the body was good to go!

I’ll stock up on Deet for the next hike in the woods which happens to be today!

We’re at The Hill for this – semi-recovery run interval workout

• 5 x hill intervals

With increasing speed complete 5 intervals*

• 4 x hill

With increasing speed complete 4 intervals

• 3 x hills

With increasing speed complete 3 intervals

• 2 x hills

With increasing speed complete 2 intervals

• 1 x hills

With increasing speed complete 1 intervals

Rest –

• Set 1 after 5 int = 2:00

• Set 2 after 4 int = 1:30

• Set 3 after 3 int = 1:00

• Set 4 after 2 int = :30

Focus –

  1. Keep working on arm and leg cadence syncing
  2. Faster leg turnover each set
  3. Pacing of the fives to get you warmed up is important
  4. Listen to your breath – nasal breathing should be primary breathing pattern
  5. Try not to burn yourself out early

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