Community Ruck 9/15/18

RuFF Ruck Club Inaugural event:

Saturday 9/15/18 Westchester Woods, at the Hill. Start at 0700, get there early so we can get gear and route squared away.

Food post event – TBD

Coupon – sandbags

  • Rucks
    • 10lb dry – beginner
    • 15lb dry – beg/int
    • 20lb dry – int
    • 30lb dry – int/adv
    • 40lb(+) dry – adv

    *Hydration bladder is preferable since you only have a hose to draw from. Electrolytes in liquid form or gels are necessary

    *Change of socks if when you need a fresh pair on to minimize the possibility of blisters.

    *Blister repair kit – (optional)

    Bring bandaids, antibiotics ointment, needle and thread, Vaseline

    *Head gear – caps, head cover of your choice, bandanna to help you if it gets too hot you can soak it in water to help you cool down.

    *Eye gear – sunglasses (they do help)

    *Snacks or food items that will help you get through any long distance event


    *10 mile – 5 miles out and 5 miles back

    *Breaks as needed


    *Sandbag -30lb & 50lb

    Alternating between carrying / or not carrying a coupon. Distances of carrying coupon vary depending on individuals ability.

    Route –

    Start location – The Hill in Westchester woods

    We will proceed west bound on Westchester Woods to Mannheim Road.

    Cross the street on the Forest Preserve side and continue westbound on Salt Creek trail system.

    Once we’ve reached the 5 mile distance we turn it around, and head back to start location.

    See you then!

    Bring your Happy self! No workout in this event!

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