Dive bomber it’s not

This upper body movement we’ll be kicking off our week with is none other than a Hindu push up. It resembles similar exercise called the dive bomber.

On the video here shows the Hindu push up first then immediately goes into the Dive bomber. Pay close attention to the arms on both movements.

You’ll need your rucks for this workout. Weigh it dry without water and make sure it’s 15(W)/20(M) lb

Today at the Hill

Ruck -15/20 lb

600m ruck (benches)

  • 50 x Hindu push ups (no ruck)

600m ruck (hill)

  • 50 x step ups
  • 50 x ruck thrusters

400m kb carry w/ruck

  • 50 x superman (no ruck)
  • 100 x flutter kicks

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