No beach towels

Once again we find sand every where today, and no beach towels nor a shore to enjoy! Why you ask? Well there is something called a sandbag (sb). It’s going to be used in conjunction with an ruck today for your unending enjoyment that is RuFF!

Pretty straight forward today, and it’s gonna be sweaty workout so make sure to bring along change of shirt, and shoes. Just giving you a heads up from the get go!

While you wear your ruck today –

Rucks – 20/30# dry

Sb – 30/50 lb

  • 1 x hill no sb
  • 1 x hill sb

200m sb carry

  • 2 x hill no sb
  • 2 x hill sb
  • 50 x sit up and press (ruck)
  • 50 x sb cleans (rucks On)

200m sb carry

Magister Nosce!

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